Play Nice and Hold Hands With Strangers to Heat This Bus Shelter

Tradition dictates that when at a bus shelter, you should completely ignore the presence of other humans, and preferably move to a secluded corner to fidget with your phone. Duracell challenged this notion in a PR move where commuters at a bus shelter were “rewarded” for not just acknowledging each other, but working together and holding hands.

Willie City Bus Concept Comes Wrapped in Transparent LCD

Willie Bus Concept

Willie transparent LCD bus concept by Tad Orlowski is a modern touch of technology to conventional mass transport. Appearance wise, the design does not travel into changing the overall shape of the bus, but rather sticks to a somewhat conventional, but mostly a minimalist and elegant design. The highlight of the design is the body of the bus that comes wrapped in transparent LCDs.

Iconic Photographs Transformed Into Selfies

iconic photographs as selfies

Selfies are so popular, the word became the word of the year. A clever ploy on the word, its popularity and the potential for advertising goodness, a South African newspaper has launched a campaign where iconic photographs of history have been transformed into selfies. The tagline to go with the images is You can’t get any closer to the news. The manipulated photographs are an excellent touch for the ad campaign. Though we have to imagine how weird things would be if every iconic photograph in history turned out as a selfie.

Love Him Like You Love Yourself

A good concept surely goes a long way in advertising. The well choreographed photographs show dogs and cats with a human touch, asking onlookers to Love Him Like You Love Yourself. The slogan and the campaign have been created by Paris based ad agency Leg for Biocanina. It underscores the idea of taking good care of your pets, and not neglecting their needs, or the care they need.

Eyes Hard At Work

Those eyes are wide open and hard at work, even better, the visual candy is delicious. The images were created by creative studio Saddington Baynes for an advertising campaign by 5 Gum. Characters seen in the eye are living within the muscle fibers of the iris to keep the pupil open, as a nod to the idea of “senses are heightened” to go along with the company’s ad slogan of Stimulate Your Senses.