When Poorly Rendered Car From Some ’90s Video Games Becomes Real

The radically designed Karlmann King SUV presents itself as a “Ground Stealth Fighter”. Although it reminds us more of the good old low polygon count games of the ’90s. Of course, those games had restrictions on their graphic rendering, this SUV takes this look by choice. The makers of the SUV claim that it takes 2000 designers, developers, and engineers from all over the world to build this behemoth.

Bugatti Chiron Sport: Say Hello Before You Wolf Whistle

Bugatti has unveiled the new Bugatti Chiron Sport at the Geneva Motor Show. Apart from a liberal use of carbon fiber, the supercar has also received a handling package. The package includes a stiffer suspension and modified steering, accessed by turning on the car’s “Handling Mode”. There is however, no change in output over the standard model (if any model of the Chiron may be considered ‘standard’). The 8.0-liter W-16 still pumps out the same massive 1,479 hp and 1,180 lb-ft of torque.

McLaren Senna With ‘Carbon Theme’ Looks Like It Drove Out of A Video Game

McLaren Senna just got an upgrade option that makes it look absolutely stunning. The hypercar gets a whole new build with carbon fiber, and takes its sweet time dressing up. The carbon fiber build takes about a 1000 hours to produce, that nice solar detailing takes about 250 hours. So yeah, it’s not just some quick paintjob to cook up a new look.

Nissan Takes on the Snow With Nissan 370Zki Roadster

Nissan 370Zki

Nissan has its heart set on tackling the snow, with the all new 370Zki Roadster concept (pronounced unsurprisingly as 370 Ski). Built off the stock 370Z, the ‘roadster’ still got its powerful 332 hp engine. Of course, it requires more work than stripping out wheels and slapping on skis. Nissan partnered with American Track Truck to get this rear-wheel powered snowmobile ready for show.

Hoverbikes Of The Future Will Remember Scorpion 3 As Their Glorious Ancestor

Russian startup Hoversurf is showing off the Scorpion 3, which they claim will be the first commercially available hoverbike. Scorpion 3 is a fully-manned quadcopter that intends to bring “flying to the masses.” Running on electric power, the vehicle employs quadcopter drone technology and with a motorcycle seat slapped in, it’s all set to be a flying machine.