The Phone Cone

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Dog Portraits Show Style and Character

Photographer Elke Vogelsang is quite a pro in capturing canines with the lens. We love our dogs, and the photographer creates captivating images that make these beautiful creatures look all the more better. When not photographing for clients, Elke turns her wide angled lens towards her own dogs, who it seems are glad of the attention. The dogs are so accustomed to the camera, Elke calls them her photography companion dogs.

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Gods of the Internet

The realm of the internet is governed by a pantheon of Gods. You may not realize it yet, but you do have a patron lord of the interwebs. This series by CollegeHumor will take you to a trip of the hallowed realms of the internet where you shall find the protection of your virtual god.

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Job Titles Stripped Down to Brutally Honest Basics

People have very interesting job titles, mainly because nobody likes the lame ones, and we like to sound someone important. Here is what would happen if all the creativity in job names went away, and people were addressed by the plain characteristics of their job. It is overall a humorous set, and some of them really are “brutally honest” in their description.

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Marutaro the Hedgehog is Brimming With the Power of Cute

Marutaro is the adorable pygmy hedgehog brimming with style and swag. Just see this guy, he looks like a winner and he knows it.

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Take Notes on the Chalkboard Flask

A woodgrain flask with a chalkboard wrapped around it, probably so you can write down your brilliant drunk ideas and laugh at them later. Holds 8 oz of liquid, and gives your drinking time the writing edge it never wanted. Still, it’s cute. Costs $20.

Pizza Gone Wild

Pizzas go wild for the photography of Jonpaul Douglass. In the series ‘Pizzas in the Wild’ the photographer placed pizzas at some very unlikely locations. Douglass was inspired for the project by graffitied image of pizza in his neighborhood. He decided to replicate it with the real deal.

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Realistic Eye Drawings Made With Color Pencils

Artist Redosking draws beautifully detailed and very realistic eyes. The drawings are done with color pencils, assisted by a white gel pen.

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Geeky Condom Wrappers

Geeky condom wrappers with taglines suited for their representation. Fun concept by Melbourne-based artist Kode Abdo.

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Everyday Objects Made Cumbersome With ‘The Uncomfortable’

Athens based architect Katerina Kamprani renders everyday objects in a fashion that would make them of little use, or uncomfortable to use. The architect calls it a collection of deliberately inconvenient everyday objects.

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