LINC Mod Turns Your Moto Phone Into a Walkie Talkie

The Moto Z has quite an ability in its use of hardware add-ons i.e. Moto Mods that can make the phone quite a flexible and hugely customizable gadget. Motorola has been encouraging developers to create Moto Mods as a way of giving more strength to the idea. This includes a campaign in conjunction with IndieGoGo and the possibility of investment to the tune of $1 million by Lenovo Capital.

Map Shows What Every Country in the World is Number 1 At

Every country excels at something, or at the very least, leads the world in some metric. Of course, it isn’t always possible that the lead be in a metric that is flattering. It does make for an interesting graphic though. Here is a map of International Number Ones, that rates all countries by what they’re number one at “because every country is best at something.”

A Hilarious Account of the ‘Boyfriends of Instagram’

Boyfriends of Instagram takes a look at the tale (or pictures) of the invisible boyfriend who twists, contorts and gets into weird positions so the lady can have her perfect Instagram pic. These unsung heroes are finally getting the acknowledgement they earned, thanks to the efforts of two Australian dudes who run the Boyfriends of Instagram page on Facebook and Instagram.