Sad Candles to Re-live Depressing Memories and Cry

Feeling low? Light one of these candles, curl up in a corner, and cry your eyes out. The Flicking Candle Company is offering a collection of smells that would remind people of some of the most heart-breaking incidents in life. The flavors on the candle include a relatively benign “defriend” and climb all the way […]

Razor Company’s Advert Actually Makes Beards Look Cool

‘Free Your Beard’ advertising campaign from razor company Schick was obviously intended to encourage people on the path of getting rid of their beards. We’ll say they missed the mark, and missed it good. Apparently, a beard is an animal uncomfortably sticking to your face, and one you would like to get rid of.

Mystery Solved: World Cup Brazil Logo is a Facepalm

All you need to do is take a good, hard look, and you realize the Soccer World Cup logo is actually a facepalming dude. It seems this matches Captain Picard, but there’s hardly a resemblance, except the facepalm of course. via

Zooey Deschanel’s Eyes ‘Shopped on Men

We never knew we wanted to see it, but now that we’ve seen Zooey Deschanel’s eyes photoshopped on to photographs of men, we can say it’s a creepy-humorous kind of feeling. Those eyes look great on Zooey, but they oscillate from being creepy to funny when placed on photographs of men. Checkout a few images […]

Charts Show the Correct Way to Pet Animals

See an animal? Well, you need to know how to pet it. Allow these charts to walk you through on where to pet the animal.

Texts From a Dog

If dogs could text, well, we’re pretty sure they would be excellent bros. Still, you got to imagine what things would work with dogs capable of communicating and sending texts. Well, this humorous set ought to take care of that. In the same vein, also check out texts from cats.

MRI Scans of Vegetables

Veggies don’t get enough love. On the other hand, one can hardly complain about that, seeing the way they look on the insides. It’s not bad, it’s just… a bit discomforting. Of course, if we push ourselves out of the meaningless prejudice, we realize it’s really cool.

Cheesy Game of Thrones Pickup Lines

In Westeros, you don’t need pickup lines. Even so, it might be helpful to have a few handy, you know, just in case. GarthAlgar was good enough to create a set of pickup lines that would be especially suited for Westeros, and for Game of Thrones characters.

‘Underworld’ Cave Photography by Robbie Shone

Austria-based British adventure, cave, and travel photographer Robbie Shone often finds himself in remote areas of the world in China, Papua New Guinea, Borneo, the Alps and Crete. It is in these areas where Shone has photographed some of the deepest, largest, and longest cave systems in the world.

Decorated ‘Nodding Donkeys’ From a Small Texas Town

Oil Pumps, pumpjacks, or more appropriately, Nodding Donkeys as they are locally called can be seen across oil rich Texas. Often, the donkeys will find themselves decorated with cutouts. Austin based photographer Ben Sklar had been seeing the pumpjacks for a long time, and never thought of them beyond the role of tourist snapshots.

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