Photoshop for Real World

Hungarian photographer Flora Borsi (previously) takes a humor filled look at the little things you could do in life if photoshop tools existed beyond the virtual world. Her series Photoshop in Real Life delves on the things you could do, if you had the magic of photoshop to command. Interestingly unlike similar concepts, this series […]

Here’s a Tiny Hamster Devouring Baby Carrots

Behold the power of cute as this hamster devours baby carrots.

Wonder Woman Workout Print

Wonder Woman works out on the beach, and Batman looks like… well, like he just got a very nice shave. Print by Jeff Victor.

School Photos for Game of Thrones Characters

Artist Bob Al-Green imagines Game of Thrones characters growing up in the ’80s and ’90s. Here’s what their school photos would have looked like. The set includes the Starks, namely Robb, Sansa, and Jon Snow; the Lannisters Tyrion, Jaime and Cersei; Daenerys, Theon Greyjoy, and everyone’s beloved King Joffrey.

Eight Million Flower Petals Showered on a Costa Rican Village

We are totally amazed, not just by the blast of colors that is visible here, but also by the imaginative presumption that someone counted eight million flower petals. Nevertheless, this tiny Costa Rican village did get showered with millions of flower petals.

The Many Masks of Spiderman

Everyone recognizes spidey by the conventional mask he wears. In the comic universe though, spidey is no different than the other superheroes and has seen quite a variety of masks over time; including a paper bag. Because that’s just how the amazing spider man rolls. This infographic by takes a look at the masks […]

Gods of the Internet

The realm of the internet is governed by a pantheon of Gods. You may not realize it yet, but you do have a patron lord of the interwebs. This series by CollegeHumor will take you to a trip of the hallowed realms of the internet where you shall find the protection of your virtual god.

Job Titles Stripped Down to Brutally Honest Basics

People have very interesting job titles, mainly because nobody likes the lame ones, and we like to sound someone important. Here is what would happen if all the creativity in job names went away, and people were addressed by the plain characteristics of their job. It is overall a humorous set, and some of them […]

Pizza Gone Wild

Pizzas go wild for the photography of Jonpaul Douglass. In the series ‘Pizzas in the Wild’ the photographer placed pizzas at some very unlikely locations. Douglass was inspired for the project by graffitied image of pizza in his neighborhood. He decided to replicate it with the real deal.

Game of Thrones House Sigil Stamps

It’s time to start writing letters again, only so I can put a sigil stamp on the letters. Artist Tyr has created hand carved rubber stamps inspired by Game of Thrones house sigils. Stamps are available for House Targaryen, House Stark, and House Lannister.

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