Artist Explores and Interprets Mental Illnesses Through Architectural Representation

Through his series Archiatric, artist Federico Babina explores the topic of psychological illness by representing various psychological issues as architectural forms. The silhouette of a house stands as a representation, with changes or differences made to highlight the effect of various mental issues. As the artist says, “In this series of images, I make an abstract exercise of translating one language to another.”

Photographer With Sleep Disorder Recreates His Nightmares in Photos For The World to See

We may call these photographs terrifying, scary nightmares. For photographer Nicolas Bruno though, these are much more beyond just words. These are the terrors the 22 year-old photographer actually deals with. Nicolas Bruno suffers from sleep paralysis. As he enters the state of REM sleep, he ends up awake, but paralyzed.

Everyday Objects Present a Life in Miniatures

For a miniature creature, life in our world could be an entirely different set of rules. A simple change of scale for our everyday objects could create a whole new world. Photographer and art director Tatsuya Tanaka followed a similar line of thought in creating the Miniature Calendar. Presenting our world from a perspective of tiny humanoids, the series takes us on a journey through a world that is very much our own, and yet offers and entirely new perspective.

New Pictogram Music Posters by Viktor Hertz

Swedish graphic designer Viktor Hertz (more) has a way with pictograms and music. Viktor has revisited his Pictogram Music Posters project from 2011 and created a new version, all set for 2017. The new set presents 15 songs from 15 artists, presented as pictograms. The signed prints are currently available for purchase through a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign. Keep scrolling to see more!

Meet the Masters: Auto Mechanics Recreate Classic Paintings

The Renaissance masters have inspired people for centuries, so it’s only natural that artists and creatives would want to build on the work of the masters – or pay homage. Photographer Freddy Fabris wanted to pay homage to the great Renaissance masters, which was a tough job considering the challenges of translating the paintings through photography.