Air supremacy of a Lego gunship

You can get fantastic air supremacy in plastic, if you can get hold of an aircraft like this one. Built by Dutch builder Red Spacecat, the AV-24B Seahawk is inspired by the AV-8B Harrier II jump-jet and AH-64 Apache helicopter. It may not be real, but the Seahawk packs quite a punch in its description. […]

Supercool Lego Dioramas from The Princess Bride

Nine people collaborated for these supercool Lego dioramas inspired by The Princess Bride. Princess Bride Collaboration 2014 includes thirteen Lego creations. The people who collaborated on the set are Paul Vermeesch, Dan Church, Max Pointner, Ian Spacek, Casey McCoy, Philip Berntson, Matthew Oh, Ben Merrill, and Lee Muzzy. Hit ahead for more images, and a […]

Iconic Bands in Lego

Malaysia based Adly Syairi Ramly has a series where iconic bands are depicted in Lego. It’s wonderful to see those little details make all the big difference.

Elsa’s Ice Palace From Frozen in Lego

Elsa’s stunning snow palace from Frozen has a chance to be real, with a little help from Lego. The set was cooked up by Lego Cuusoo user Fohzen. His daughter requested one, and he realized it didn’t exist, so off went the man making a Lego set for one of the biggest hits of last […]

Devilishly Evil Lego Prank [video]

) So this man spent his entire day putting together the new 1200-piece LEGO Millennium Falcon. Unbeknownst to this man, his friends had been possessed by the devil, and they pulled a most excruciating prank on him once he was done building the falcon. Via GAS

Functional Keyboard Made Out of Lego Bricks

Apparently, there aren’t a great many things you cannot do once you attach Lego pieces the right way. That said, checkout this cool, fully functional Lego keyboard created by Jason Allemann. He used the membrane of an old keyboard as a guide for the new Lego keyboard, then with a mix of the classic plastic […]

A World Seen by the Legographer

A Lego minifig travels and takes pictures in this simple and engaging series by Andrew Whyte.

Famous Album Covers Recreated in Lego

Album art has often been remarkably good, and good music seems to go very well with good album art. The blog Lego Albums has a collection of album covers made in Lego. It’s a bit of a damper that these aren’t actually made out of Lego, but digitally created to mimic the effect. Which, we […]

Classic Paintings Get Pixelated Recreations in Lego

Masters who created the beautiful paintings we call classics had skills worthy of their name, and a palette of colors and shapes to follow the strokes of the brush. Recreating those masterpieces with 8-bit style pixels would be tough enough, but doing that recreation with Lego bricks is surely what deserves attention.

Car Made Entirely Out of Lego Has a Lego Engine That Runs On Air, Is Drivable

A brainchild of Melbourne based Steve Sammartino and Romania based Raul Oaida, this life sized car is quite the Lego project. The project was crowdfunded by 40 patrons who were apparently enamored enough with the idea to drop the money on a single tweet by Steve Sammartino.

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