Stereotypes of Every American State in Small Lego Scenes

Drawing on the stereotypes of all 50 states of the USA, artist Jeff Freisen and his daughter created a set of stereotypes. Each set is something of a tiny stereotype representing an American state, but put together, it is quite extensive. Called 50 States of Lego, the build is quite an interesting touch to things.

Tiger’s Nest Monastery of Bhutan Beautifully Made in Lego

Tiger’s Nest, or Taktsang Palphug Monastery is a very picturesquely located monastery in Bhutan. This magnificent Lego build by Anu Pehrson shows the monastery in the glory, detail and style that is well deserved.

Wall Mounted Lego Calendar

Vitamins design and invention studio in London has come up with a very creative way to stay organized in the shape of a wall mounted Lego calendar. The big calendar covers three months of the year, each gray stripe representing one day. Colored bricks represent assignments given to people and everyone at the office has […]

Giant Lego Snow Globe on Display in London

Claimed to be the world’s largest Lego snow globe, this massive Lego sculpture is on display at Covent Garden in London. Lego master builder Duncan Titmarsh made use of 120,000 Lego bricks to create the sculpture that features 14 London landmarks and has a good eye for the London skyline. It took Titmarsh 75 days […]

Tortoise Gets a Lego Wheel Prosthetic Leg

This little guy was found in Germany. Abandoned and in poor shape, the Hermann tortoise was missing a part of his front leg. Schildi the tortoise soon found himself in the care of German veterinary clinic Bird Consulting International. His injured front leg was in such bad shape that it had to be amputated at […]

Giant Lego Portrait is Yoda or Vader, Depending On Where Light Falls on It

Created by the folks at Google’s Zurich office, this giant Lego portrait named The Force has been made out of 16000 bricks so arranged that it manages to look like both Yoda and Vader, depending on the angle of light illuminating the portrait. Of course shadows play a big part in revealing what side of […]

Beware Ye Villains: Fully Functional Lego Crossbow

Lego builders Sean and Steph Mayo built this very real, and very functional crossbow from Lego bricks. Viper Compound Crossbow is so thoroughly Lego, even the cables come from Lego electronics. The best part is that the compound crossbow can actually shoot bolts, and not just pitiful signal shots, but shots strong enough to qualify […]

History of Britain Told in Lego Models

Master Lego builder James Pegrum is telling Britain’s long history in brief with Lego models to mark important events. The set starts from the construction of the Stonehenge at around 2500 BC, and goes on to Margaret Thatcher’s first day at 10 Downing Street. Hit ahead for a quick lesson in British history, told the […]

Build Your Very Own Breaking Bad Meth Lab in Lego

Breaking Bad Lego meth lab is here. Since you can easily guess it, this one does not come straight from Lego, because well, they wouldn’t be selling stuff like this. The good people at CitizenBrick will let you have the Superlab Playset for $250. Via Dude

Lego Models Create Simple Minimalist Representations of Movie Scenes

Lego artist Nick Desimone has created representations of several TV shows and movies using Lego bricks. They are however, quite simple representations that invite you to exercise your mind a bit to guess what movie is being represented. They’re all pretty famous though, so if you’ve seen the movies, it’s an easy game.

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