Car Models Classified According to Dog Breeds by Volkswagen

We love dogs, we love cars, it follows only logically that when choosing a car we should look at the comfort of our dog as well. Volkswagen’s latest advertising campaign Woofwagen tries to settle up dog breeds with the car models that should be most suitable for the dog. The accompanying video of the campaign is of course the highlight, and it has been done fantastically. An appeal to dog owners who would love to travel with their pooch, or just a little play on the loved dog and car, the campaign by London-based agency adam&eveDDB does manage to capture a fair deal of eyeballs.

The Secrets to Why Things Look Amazing in Advertisements [pics]

When we see advertisements of products, we generally do expect them to be photoshopped. The secret to those images though goes way deeper than that. It’s not just a few touches of image manipulation here and there, but the entire setup can be in on the trick. These images from Cracked show just how manipulated the advertisements can be for the extra good looks of those products to admire. Plus, there’s the solution to the old problem of how burgers are advertised versus what they actually look like.

Puppy and Kitten Adventures in a Dream World

Titled Life is an Adventure, the photo series by Marek Farkas and photographed by Miro Minarovic, puts kittens and puppies in adventures of their lifetimes. Common objects were arranged to give an appearance of the pets traveling off on to adventures and having a time of their life. The series took some ideas from the creative works of photographer Miro Švolík, and was made as a campaign project for Hill’s Pet Nutrition.

Ludicrous Vintage Ads Tell You All the (Wrong) Benefits of Smoking

Smoking is bad today, but when it was at its height, it was even worse. For a long time, we did not understand the health hazards of smoking and it was advertised as something cool, awesome, beneficial and even healthy! Even when the bad effects of smoking were better understood, it took quite a while before the claims of health could be fully removed from advertising. Hell, they even got a US President to endorse cigarettes!

Ripped Animals Proclaim They Are ‘Fat No More’

Having apparently hit the gym a few zillion times, these absolutely ripped animals are all muscle, and they seem to be showing off their muscles with their gait. The set includes a pig, a goose, and a salmon all of whom have gotten rid of body fat to be turned into bags of muscle. Russian creative studio Geometry Global created these images for an advertising campaign by Povna Chasa dishwashing liquid, who apparently is intent on cleaning all fat.

IBM Makes Its Advertisements Useful

Advertisements and billboards have been around forever. IBM, working with creative agency Ogilvy & Mather had their new billboards take on a new role, that of being something of a street furniture and of practical value. IBM’s billboards include one that has a curve at the bottom to work as a seat, another with a curved top passes off as a rain shelter, and another one forms a ramp across stairs to assist those who may be crossing there. All this goes pretty well with the “Smarter Planet” platform they intend to portray.

Budget Airline Tells Complaining Customers to STFU

Telling customers to Shut the F*ck Up probably isn’t a very good technique for advertising, but apparently that’s one that works for European budget airline Ryanair. Customers get to fly cheap, they don’t get to complain. As the tagline says, With Prices This Cheap, Shut The F*ck Up. Surprisingly enough, the campaign seems to be gaining traction and bagging awards. Apparently, customers are fine with being told to STFU as long as they pay the comparatively low fair.