Advertising Shows Bad Food, Bad Dogs

Dogs are our best friends, but as these ads show, neglect them enough and they will turn on you. And by neglect, they mean not feeding them Nutri Balance dog food. Chilean ad agency Prolam Y&R created an ad campaign to show the bad effects, like the dog outing a cheating partner and getting a murderer in trouble. Now that we think about it, the dogs might actually be becoming better without that dog food.

Vineyard Uses Wine For Ink

Polish Winery Casa Mariol found a great way to promote its wine as a business gift, they sent potential partners and customers ink pens filled with the wine. They transformed their finest Cabernet Sauvignon to a consistency where it could be used as ink and write like a normal pen, except the added charm of using a fine wine as ink. Sent in specially designed mailing, the package included a form that the receiver could fill out to order more wine. A creative way towards targeted advertising.