Advertising Shows Bad Food, Bad Dogs

Dogs are our best friends, but as these ads show, neglect them enough and they will turn on you. And by neglect, they mean not feeding them Nutri Balance dog food. Chilean ad agency Prolam Y&R created an ad campaign to show the bad effects, like the dog outing a cheating partner and getting a […]

LG Pranks Men While They Pee [video]

LG: Troubling men while peeing since 2013.

Big Cat, Small Cat

An advertising campaign by Whiskas cat food puts the domestic cat in the shoes of its ferocious cousins, the lion and tiger. Whiskas commissioned Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO in London to come up with a campaign that revolves around the idea of “feeding your cat’s instincts.”

Then & Now: Composites of Iconic Historical Photographs In Contemporary Settings

Then and Now composites were created by photographer Seth Taras back in 2004 for the Know Where You Stand ad campaign for the History Channel. That’s quite a neat set, and an equally creative idea.

Dove Makes Fun of the ‘Women’s Shampoo Effect’ [video]

Shampoo advertisements show a magical effect on the hair of women endorsing them. Dove imagined the same, only this time, they put men in these advertisements with “lively” hair. Via TheAwesomer

Sponsored Superheroes

For his series Sponsored Superheroes, artist Roberto Vergati Santos imagines how these popular icons and their attire would look if it was sponsored by corporations. If they really did exist, it isn’t too difficult to imagine how these superheroes might be aligned to some brand or the other.

Vineyard Uses Wine For Ink

Polish Winery Casa Mariol found a great way to promote its wine as a business gift, they sent potential partners and customers ink pens filled with the wine. They transformed their finest Cabernet Sauvignon to a consistency where it could be used as ink and write like a normal pen, except the added charm of […]

Nazis Speak Like Teen Girls in National Geographic Ad [video]

For an advertising spot JWT Delhi created this video for National Geographic. It looks quite serious and war like, until the Nazis get speaking like teen girls.

The Art of Tailoring [video]

Thread spools act as pixels in this excellent advertisement put up as showcase for the Jawdat Ejjeh shop in Beirut, Lebanon. 10 people worked through three months to arrange 1292 spools of thread using 63 colors to create this display.

Internet Explorer Banks on Nostalgia For Advertising

Internet Explorer is perhaps the most hated browser among web designers and developers, but sure it has been making steps towards development and standards. Getting ready for the new world, IE is advertising nostalgia, showing off stuff like floppy discs, walkman and yoyos for a new advertising campaign; some might argue IE is still stuck […]

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