These Little Known Netflix Codes Will Unlock A Whole New Level To The Service

Netflix has a lot of content, but the way it is structured, there’s only a few titles you can see. More often than not, subscribers run the risk of being caught in the same circle or genre of titles, unaware of the whole wide world of entertainment on the service. Well, we have a list of codes that will make browsing for new titles or even your favorite genre a whole lot easy.

Flippy The Burger Cooking Robot Is More Than A Novelty

Meet Flippy, he’s just a robot arm, but this bit of machine represents big change. This creation of Miso Robotics is more than just a novelty made for display. Flippy here has real world skills – and this burger cooking robot is pretty good in a restaurant environment. Miso Robotics describes Flippy as “The world’s first autonomous robotic kitchen assistant”, and the bot seems up for the job.

Supernatural Is Headed To Scooby Doo, And We Love The Idea

CW show Supernatural is headed to the world of the old favorite show – Scooby Doo. This time around, a (magic?) TV transports the duo into the world of cartoons, and they soon realize they’re in Scooby Doo’s world. Of course, this is not the first time the Winchester Brothers will find themselves transported to a (different) TV Show. The Scooby Doo episode is upping the stakes.

Minimal Lego by Jaime Sánchez Are A Quick Bite of Creativity

These creative, minimalist lego creations by art director and photographer Jaime Sánchez are simple, creative and clever. The photographs show common, normal items and foods with some lego items surreptitiously thrown in. A general attempt is made to match the color the lego brick is replacing. For example, tiny brown bricks take the place of chocolate in chocolate chip cookies.

The Monster [Short Film]

The Monster is a short film by Director Damien Kazan. Set in the late ’90s, the film presents a coming of age story. The film takes a look at the life of a young teen and (some) teen troubles. One would assume “real” monsters don’t really have a part to play in teen troubles, but in this film, they do. While certainly not your regular James P. Sullivan, I imagine the monster is just an awkward monster, who turns out to be a wingman.

“Clearly, that’s not what The Monster is about”, you say.

To which, I say, I want to believe.

Beautiful Creatures of Cutlery

Charleston-based artist Matt Wilson has an unlikely art style – cutlery bent into shape of creatures. The sculptures mostly represent birds, but sometimes they take other forms like fish, animals, even Samurai! Matt says his artwork is a reflection of the environment in which he lives. He works with bone, driftwood, scrap metal and the likes to create upcycled sculptures.