Touchscreens With Pop-up Buttons Makes Things A Lot Easier

It’s hard to give up something we are very familiar with, and well, buttons on gadgets are one of those things. Multi-touch devices could be a lot more comfortable if displays developed by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University get to the market. These displays have physical buttons that remain dormant, but once they are needed, air is pumped and the buttons become visible and ready for use. Watch the video here.


Odd "Go With The Flow" Supertoilet Promotes Yoga

Students from the Arizona State University’s College of Design have an unusually odd design with the “Go With The Flow” toilet. It functions like a squat toilet, and can tone up the abdominal and back muscles (yeah, that’s the yoga connection). There’s a hint of environment friendliness as well; it uses less water for flushing and can reuse water from hand washing.


Translated Manga To Be Available Online, Officially

Manga fans will soon be able to get hold of their favorites online, and officially. Plans are afoot by Japanese book publisher Shogakukan to make translated Mangas available online, and put a rein on the illegal copies. But they will likely limit it to Japanese and US subscribers only.

From Akihabara News:

Since this company only hired someone with half a working brain, they couldn’t resist screwing it up by ONLY limiting the website to Japanese and US visitors… Yep… I know… Piracy will still kick idiots like these.