Wearable Walking Assistant Robotic Prototypes From Honda

Honda has shown a remarkable growth in its robotic program. It has unveiled two robotic walking assist prototypes that could be put to a lot of uses. Unlike the full body strength of the Cybernatic Body Suit, these prototypes concentrate only on the legs. The first is a Stride Management prototype that helps the wearer keep the stride steady and consistent. The Bodyweight Support prototype is a bit more complex. It stretches from the waist to the feet and even has a built-in seat for the wearer. This one will not only help the impaired walk, but will also allow lifting of heavy weights. Honda will show these prototypes at Automotive Engineers (SAE) World Congress in Detroit later this month.


Vegetable Made Chocolate Fueled Racecar Does 125mph

Warwick Innovative Manufacturing Research Center has achieved the unthinkable in creating Formula 3 racecar that is made of vegetables and runs on chocolate. A project managed by James Meredith, the car uses carrots for the steering wheel, soybeans for seats, plant oil based lubricants and an engine that can run on either chocolate or vegetable oil. Emissions for this car are likely to be negative (!) because an emission destroying catalyst actually cleans up the air it drives in!


Nike’s New Golf Club Is Eight Clubs In One

Nike’s new golf club, the STR8-FIT can provide the functions of eight clubs with minor twitching and setting. The different positions come by adjusting the face angle, lie angle and effective loft; all thanks to a torque limiting wrench. The detachable club shaft can be used to set any of the eight available positions and locked when the job is done. PopSci points out that the club may not fit well with the rules of the game, but if you must have one, they’re available for $399.99.


Space Memorabilia On Auciton: Gemini Spacesuit Is The Star

Humans’ quest into space is something everyone amongst us is proud of, small pieces of history are up for auction, featuring some very interesting items used in our quest space. Items on the list range from spacesuits to a liquid waste bag, each associated with some space mission. The major attraction is a “slightly used” test spacesuit from the Gemini program that will go under the hammer with bids starting at $200,000. It is expected to fetch a lot more, with estimates going as high as $500,000.

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Super Mario Chess Set: Mario And Bowser Face-off On The Board

The entire “cast” of Super Mario has descended on a Chess board, the Italian plumber and his friends have taken their fight with Bowser to the chess board. One side of the board has Mario and his sidekicks, where coins play pawns. On the other side, Bowser sits with his gang and Koopa shells play pawns. This Nintendo approved set sells for $39.99.

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