Star Trek Clock: The Scifi Time Keeper

The Star Trek Clock is an ingenious piece of handcrafted ingenuity. This “We need more time, Captain,” has 12 vintage classic Action Fleet Micro Machine starships, warships and other vessels to represent numbers, and give an interesting aura overall. Looking at the images, it seems to be neatly done as well. No wonder it sold out, but if you want one, pre-order at Etsy.


Entecho’s Hoverpod Is A VTOL Flying Saucer

Entecho’s Hoverpod employs the company’s drum fan lifting system. They portray it as a versatile machine that move over any terrain, land, water, snow or sand. Its ability to move over any terrain is possible because it flies at altitude slightly greater than conventional hovercrafts, moreover, the pod is capable of moving in any direction and reach top speed of 120 kmph. It weighs only 200kg and the prototype’s flying saucer shape is an obivous attraction.

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Magnetic Water Clock Is About 10 Minutes Of Fun

The magnetic water clock can work on anything, that holds water. Ideally, use a cup and a plate, put the red ball in the cup, the white one in the plate, and the arrangement on the ceramic box. The ceramic base holds two rotating magnets, that will make the red ball show the hours, and the white one show minutes. It will be fun for around 10 minutes, and then you will realize you could have a whole lot more fun with $299.

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