Handmade Leather Grimoires and Journals That Will Amaze You

You could call them creepy or scary, but the word you’re actually looking for is fantastic. Canadian artist MilleCuirs describes the books on his Etsy page as “Handmade leather grimoires, blank books and journals”. Many of the creations do take an aspect that may be described as creepy or scary. That comes with the territory, and likely is the effect the artist aims for in these painstaking and meticulous creations.

Bugatti Chiron Sport: Say Hello Before You Wolf Whistle

Bugatti has unveiled the new Bugatti Chiron Sport at the Geneva Motor Show. Apart from a liberal use of carbon fiber, the supercar has also received a handling package. The package includes a stiffer suspension and modified steering, accessed by turning on the car’s “Handling Mode”. There is however, no change in output over the standard model (if any model of the Chiron may be considered ‘standard’). The 8.0-liter W-16 still pumps out the same massive 1,479 hp and 1,180 lb-ft of torque.

McLaren Senna With ‘Carbon Theme’ Looks Like It Drove Out of A Video Game

McLaren Senna just got an upgrade option that makes it look absolutely stunning. The hypercar gets a whole new build with carbon fiber, and takes its sweet time dressing up. The carbon fiber build takes about a 1000 hours to produce, that nice solar detailing takes about 250 hours. So yeah, it’s not just some quick paintjob to cook up a new look.

So Here’s a Video of a Fidget Spinner Spinning in Space

So how does a fidget spinner behave in space? Well, now you can know thanks to a video uploaded by astronaut Randy Bresnik aboard the ISS. Checkout the video and see astronauts play around with the fidget spinner in zero gravity.

Flowers Are Passé, Welcome the Donut Bouquet

Sending flowers and bouquets has been in vogue since forever. Now you can go off the usual track and do something new. And by new we mean throw out the flowers and put in donuts for the bouquet. They won’t do much good in a vase, but they are sure to taste a whole lot better than flowers. We’re not quite sure how popular this bouquet is, but if you’re in LA, you could give it a try at DonutPrincessLA.