Facebook by Pawel Kuczynski


The art of Pawel Kuczynski takes a look at issues that are important to modern society, often in a satirical way. Here is the artist’s take on Facebook.

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Disney Princesses Turn Out to be Monsters

Nobody saw it coming, and Disney Princesses turned out to be monsters. On the plus side, they are very cute, very Disney-like monsters, and probably would be loved a hell lot more in some parallel universe. Well, in fact I’m sure the little monster princesses would find a lot of admirers in our own universe as well. The monster Disney princess illustrations are the work of artist Jennifer a.k.a. NoFlutter.

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Payback Time: Zombie Head Cereal Bowl

Those zombies have been jonesing for human brains for quite a while now, it’s only fair we turn the tables and teach the zombies a lesson. Eating zombie brains seems a bit yucky, so we’ll just swap that with cereal; preferably froot loops. Eating out of rotting undead flesh doesn’t sound so cool either, so we’ll swap that with dishwasher and microwave safe ceramic. Voila! That’s a nice bowl for breakfast. Costs $13.

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The Colorful Process of Making Crayons

Wired got a chance to visit a Crayola factory, and came back with this colorful video detailing how crayons are made. Just for a sense of scale, the factory makes 12 million crayons a day.

Vintage Iron Vault Desk

The Iron Vault desk is inspired by turn of the last century furniture fixtures. Apparently, such riveted and extra strong looking desks were all the rage in offices and businesses that time. We got to say, that strong, rustic look is quite interesting in itself. The table is crafted out of steel sheet and sits on heavy duty metal wheels to do the moving. Priced at $2600.

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This guy is the pizza sharpshooter

Anyone can throw a pizza, but it takes a pizza sharpshooter to throw a pizza across a street and into a microwave. This dude happens to be a professional frisbee thrower in Japan, and apparently has great skill with pizza throwing as well.

Battle of Five Armies Banner is Huge, Impressive

The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies will be out in December. While you wait for that, they have unveiled a huge, widescreen poster for you to enjoy. The image above shows a section of the poster, hit ahead or click on the image above for the larger, full, version.

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Candle Attachment Makes Candlelight Relay the Bat Signal

Here’s how you go to a candle light dinner with Batman, yes, even if you’re a dude. If Batman doesn’t show up on time, attach this to the candle. That’s sure to grab his attention, provided he’s not that far away.

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Rube Goldberg Machine puts light to work with magnifying lens

You’ve probably burnt holes in paper with a magnifying lens, and thought it was cool. This Rube Goldberg machine takes it to an all new, super awesome level where mirrors and magnifying lenses work together to accomplish some very impressive things. Using light as a tool in a Rube Goldberg machine is super cool. The video is part of a campaign by Japanese firm au HIKARI.

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