Kawasaki J Concept Is a Bike That Means Business

Kawasaki has gone all futuristic with its new concept bike, simply named J. Independent designers have long been cooking up concepts like these, but this is probably the first time a major manufacturer has lent weight to the futuristic idea. Kawasaki J Concept has three wheels, two at the front and one big wheel at the rear. Two wheels at the front means that the conventional handlebar gets replaced in favor of two controllers, each individually connected to a wheel.

Icon E-Flyer Electric Bike

icon e-flyer electric bike

Inspired by classic board racers, the Icon E-Flyer electric bike matches excellent looks with style. Icon is known for their custom jeeps and trucks, they made a foray into bikes with the E-Flyer and seem to have done pretty well at mixing classic looks of bikes of the World War I era with the modern setting. The handmade bike is powered by a 3,500 watt Brushless DC Hub-Motor backed by a 52v Li-NMC battery pack.

Revolights Make Lightcycles out of Bicycles

Revolights are LED rings that strap on the rim of the bicycle wheel that in motion would, we assume, give the bicycle Tron lightcycle-like looks. The wheel lights have a thin wire going to a hub where a USB rechargeable polymer lithium-ion battery sits and powers the unit. It obviously is one of the flashy things, but it appears so cool and lovely, that we kind of like the idea already. The project has already had a successful run on Kickstarter.

Hoverbike prototype

Australian mechanical engineer Chris Malloy is busy testing this magical vehicle he likes to call the Hoverbike. It is a two-wheeled thingy that floats on the surface, powered by a 1170 cc engine and two propellers. The total thrust generated is 295 kilos, and Malloy hopes the production version of the bike would be able to reach the height of 10,000 feet. Do you still call it a hoverbike if it goes that high?

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Go, go, go! Ride the Sperm Bullitt bike

Streets of Copenhagen can often bear witness to a sperm running wild on a motor. The Sperm Bullitt is very much a real deal and is employed by the Nordisk Cryobank (European Sperm Bank) to carry sperm samples to Copenhagen fertility clinics. Ostensibly, the plan was hatched out as part of a green initiative to get rid of less efficient means of transportation, but we suspect someone in the boardroom joyfully rubs his hands in glee every time this giant sperm makes way for the streets.

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Finally, scientists find the secret to bike stability

We’ve been to the moon and back, can harvest the power of the atomic nucleus, and hope to unlock the secrets of the universe, but surprisingly, there is little we know of how a two-wheeled bike manages to stay in balance. Scratch the last one off the lists, scientists now know the secret to balance. Scientists dabbled in multiple theories, wondering why it was only human intervention that could keep a two wheeler going. Researchers at Cornell University finally created a bike with carefully calibrated mass distribution that can move on happily at speeds of up to 5 mph, finally giving scientists insights into how bikes manage stability and balance. Checkout the videos at Physorg for insights into the study.

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