Camper Bike is a house on bike wheels

Kevin Cyr‘s pedal powered recreational vehicle would be fit for camping, if you could manage navigating the poorly laid camping roads while pedaling a three-wheeler that carries a tiny home. But why worry when you can simply stop the RV wherever you want and call it a day. Cyr’s Camper Bike is a standalone sculptural […]

Bike lock pole-climbs with the bike, hopefully keeps thieves at bay

Lock or no lock, bikes are easy target for thieves. This lock, with its skateboard wheels could be a deterrent to would-be thieves. The user needs to wrap the lock around a pole, and engage it; the lock’s metal frame, skateboard wheels and the electric motor then take over the job. As soon as the […]

Yamaha wraps up concept bike in leather

At the Cologne Bike Show, Yamaha unveiled its VMax concept bike. The one-off motorcycle was created in collaboration with fashion house Hermes. The idea was to “Reinforce the sculptural lines of this unique object and underline its emotional power.” Hermes draped the bike in leather, covering every non-mechanical part of the bike in Skipper buffalo […]

Ville bike is designed especially for grocery shopping sprees

Driving to the grocery store, walking to the grocery store, pushing the shopping cart, carrying the bags to the car, driving back. Whoa people, that’s a whole lot of work right there, but have no fear because the world will be saved by the Ville shopping cart bike. The ingenious idea of mating a shopping […]

Hammarhead Motorcycles look back at the form of the 50s

Hammarhead Motorcycles have been created to look back at the form of the 1950s. These hand-built, rugged bikes have been carefully crafted to give them the look of bikes from the 1950s. Three models are available, the Woodsman, Jack Pine and Volta, with prices ranging from $9,500 to $18,500. Via: Hammarhead Motorcycles, Uncrate

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