Tiny Robots Move Around, Build Stuff

As you can see here, micro robots can do very interesting and impressive maneuvers. Taking a leaf out of ant colonies, where ants are mostly specialized in a particular jobs, the micro robots can be programmed to handle some specific job as well. Diamagnetic Micro Manipulation (DM3) use magnets to move under a circuit board, and can be pre-programmed to follow a certain path and do specific jobs, even while navigating the terrain of the surface.

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Cute and Adorable Fairy Tale Illustrations

Russian illustrator Varya Kolesnikova makes these lovably cute and adorable illustrations, often with fairy tales forming the theme. As is to be expected, several of these illustrations do make their way into children’s books and receive the attention they so rightfully deserve.

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Giant Robot Slippers Add Sound Effects to Your Walk

Giant robot slippers on the feet, sound effects to go along. I think I would feel obligated to walk like a robot wearing those. Which is totally my style. Costs $30.

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Chinese Company Shows We Could Build Cities in a Day With 3D Printing

As they say, Rome was not built in a day. That was exactly what came to my mind when I saw the feat of Chinese firm Yingchuang New Materials. While Rome not being built in a day still stands true, we could perhaps soon handle the construction department, at least build city buildings in a day.

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Minimalist Superheroes in Two-Tone

UK based artist Michael Turner has a minimalist series where superheroes are presented in two color tone portraits. Quite a set, and it just made me realize several superheroes prefer very bright colors for their costumes.

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Rule Smarter On the Iron Throne Bean Bag

Having seen people vie and die to sit on the Iron Throne in Game of Thrones, we think the king ought to know better. The Iron Throne is one uncomfortable, if not downright dangerous place to sit on. Aegon Targaryen wanted it that way, and well, the others just followed suit. It might be possible, that had their asses been comfortably placed on the throne, the kings would be more compassionate, and Westeros a better place.

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Decorated ‘Nodding Donkeys’ From a Small Texas Town

Oil Pumps, pumpjacks, or more appropriately, Nodding Donkeys as they are locally called can be seen across oil rich Texas. Often, the donkeys will find themselves decorated with cutouts. Austin based photographer Ben Sklar had been seeing the pumpjacks for a long time, and never thought of them beyond the role of tourist snapshots.

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Beer Lollipops

Need beer, can’t drink? Bid your time with beer lollipops. Well, we assume they aren’t as good as a real beer, but it just might be the stop gap arrangement if your options are thin. They come in three flavors: IPA, Stout, and Lager; and are currently priced at $10 for a pack of four.

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Human Emotions as Computer Notifications and Error Messages

Graphic designer Victoria Siemer matches up polaroids with computer messages, and tailors them up as a match for human emotions. The ongoing photography series is called “Human Error” and deals with quite an interesting facet of modern technology and human life.

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Multilayered Pizza Cake

Somethings come into existence just to make everybody happy, much like this Pizza Cake. PizzaCake is one of the innovations by Canadian chain Boston Pizza. They have an ongoing competition with several entries, the winner of which will be made into a real product. Really, there are quite a few great products waiting to happen on that list. We’d rather have several of them be real, but if it has to be a choice, the answer is PizzaCake.

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