A Hilarious Account of the ‘Boyfriends of Instagram’

Boyfriends of Instagram takes a look at the tale (or pictures) of the invisible boyfriend who twists, contorts and gets into weird positions so the lady can have her perfect Instagram pic. These unsung heroes are finally getting the acknowledgement they earned, thanks to the efforts of two Australian dudes who run the Boyfriends of Instagram page on Facebook and Instagram.

Artist Explores and Interprets Mental Illnesses Through Architectural Representation

Through his series Archiatric, artist Federico Babina explores the topic of psychological illness by representing various psychological issues as architectural forms. The silhouette of a house stands as a representation, with changes or differences made to highlight the effect of various mental issues. As the artist says, “In this series of images, I make an abstract exercise of translating one language to another.”

Doing the (Over)Smart Thing: Airport Jacket That Let’s You Stash 33 Pounds of Luggage

At several inopportune times, many of us have faced the problem of overweight luggage and near-extortion level fees. More troublesome than that is the fact that many airlines have started to charge for overhead carry-on luggage while restricting baggage allowances. That does perhaps call for more innovative solutions, like an airport jacket where you can stash 33 pounds (15 kilos) of luggage.