This Tube is What Plastic Containers and Bottles Start Their Life As

Plastic bottles and containers are ubiquitous, soda bottles, water bottles, jars for edibles, and several other uses. The interesting thing is, most of them start life as a tube, which is then molded into various shapes. The image above shows what an average liter bottle of soda looks like, before it is molded into shape. Of course, it could be molded into several shapes, and several other bottles. The molding process is immensely fascinating as well. Watch the videos after the jump to see how these strangely shaped thingies get expanded into soda/water bottles, and the shapes we easily recognize.

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Holographic Michael Jackson Moonwalks at Billboard Music Awards

Crowds at the Billboard Music Awards got to see Michael Jackson perform his famed moonwalk. This isn’t the first time a famous artist has been brought to the stage posthumously, but it sure is quite an interesting concept to see. The holographic Michael showed up to coincide with the launch of his Xscape album. Hit ahead for the video.

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Got You an Adjustable Wedding Ring My Dear, Because You Might Get Fat

That just seems like a very bad way to even think of proposing to someone, but truth be told it is practical. Ring sizes for people do change with time, and an engagement ring is forever. So rather than have trouble with your precious ring, how about just using an adjustable one? Active Wedding Ring by Jeff McWhinney is designed for men, and includes a hinged mechanism similar to watch straps.

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Charts Show the Correct Way to Pet Animals


See an animal? Well, you need to know how to pet it. Allow these charts to walk you through on where to pet the animal.

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Super Mario Game of Thrones [video]

We’re just surprised a Mario – Game of Thrones mashup took this long. Well, it’s finally here. The opening credits of Game of Thrones played in Mario music style, and displayed on the game map.

Shark Fin Life Jacked for Dogs

Take your dog surfing with you, and dress it up in this cute shark fin life jacket. Paint it in shark colors, and pretend you’re a complete badass frolicking in the water with sharks. On a more pragmatic note, the fin can be used to grab your dog while they’re out swimming, and the jacket keeps them afloat making doggie paddling safer. The full body jacket is designed to keep the dog’s mouth out of the water. Costs $40.


Texts From a Dog

If dogs could text, well, we’re pretty sure they would be excellent bros. Still, you got to imagine what things would work with dogs capable of communicating and sending texts. Well, this humorous set ought to take care of that. In the same vein, also check out texts from cats.

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Hilarious True Facts About the Octopus [video]

These are kinda, sorta true facts about the octopus. They are definitely hilarious though.

3D Bulbing Lamps Exist in 2D

Bulbing lamp takes its interesting shape by following the ideals of optical illusion. Bulbing lamps are 2 dimensional lamps, created in wireframe design to give the illusion of being three dimensional. The lamps are made from acrylic glass and sit on a wooden base. Available in several designs, the lamps are available for pre-order from Kickstarter.

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Frozen as a Horror Movie

Frozen really was a horror movie. You just weren’t paying attention.