Stackable coasters create a 3-D model of the human brain

The brain is the big boss organ of the body, and right now it wants you to know that it’s totally digging these coasters. Placed in order, this set creates a three dimensional view of the human brain. Given more organs, the coaster brain would probably demand a whisky or some good coffee. Maybe both, coaster brains are weird things. The set showed up at ThinkGeek for $20, and is currently out of stock.

These vegan cakes have beautiful Mandala toppings

So you made a vegan cake. How do you decorate it? With intricately designed Mandalas of course, nothing gets the meaning across faster, while looking so beautiful. Made by Chef Stephen McCarty, the cakes are made from vegan ingredients and decorated with exquisite mandalas. The chef makes these cakes under the name of Sukhavati Raw Desserts. Mandalas generally require a wide variety of colors to be executed just right. McCarty makes use of completely edible plant and food extracts that not only provide color, but also add a nice flavor to the cakes.

Improbability: Well thought, but utterly useless objects

Images and art by Italian photographer Giuseppe Colarusso are quite tantalizing, sometimes creating a surreal world, and often playing with the idea of something that’s possible, but really improbable. Starting off on the path of creativity and off the usual, Giuseppe got his first photograph by creating a pinhole camera out of a shoebox. He used a photographic paper at the bottom of the box and a hole at the center of the lid to get the camera into action.