Cheesy Game of Thrones Pickup Lines

In Westeros, you don’t need pickup lines. Even so, it might be helpful to have a few handy, you know, just in case. GarthAlgar was good enough to create a set of pickup lines that would be especially suited for Westeros, and for Game of Thrones characters.

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‘Underworld’ Cave Photography by Robbie Shone

Giant caves in Wulong County, China

Austria-based British adventure, cave, and travel photographer Robbie Shone often finds himself in remote areas of the world in China, Papua New Guinea, Borneo, the Alps and Crete. It is in these areas where Shone has photographed some of the deepest, largest, and longest cave systems in the world.

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Pocket-Sized Printer Makes Printing Truly Portable

Today, connectivity allows you to order your printer in any part of the world to print selected pages. But tough luck if you need something printed and don’t have immediate access to a printer. Your device could order a print from anywhere, but the printer stays put right where it is, waiting for you to collect the print. Faced with similar problems, Israeli studio Zuta Labs decided it was about time the printer went portable.

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Unconventional Vehicles: Regular Automobiles Meet Their Pop Culture Counterparts

Unconventional Vehicles by Gerald Bear is a mashup where famous pop culture vehicles get their match in conventional vehicles we see around us. Movie and popular culture vehicles tend to be fantastic, but what if they were regular vehicles; modified though not really modded with the skill to change them completely.

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Audio Visualizer Dances in 2500 Flames

Checkout this array of 2,500 flames that dance to the beats of music. Pyro Board by Veritasium is a look into the effects of sound waves traveling through flammable gas. All we see is a curious, eye catching mix of dancing flames, which we guess is just as well as anything else.


Vision of a Dream Home by Martin Ferrero Architecture

Everyone has an idea of their ideal abode, the place dreams call home. This one here, is the dream house of Daniel Martin Ferrero of Martin Ferrero Architecture. With the skill available to him, Daniel was able to visualize his dream in a way that makes it more tangible, if not entirely real.

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Tiny Robots Move Around, Build Stuff

As you can see here, micro robots can do very interesting and impressive maneuvers. Taking a leaf out of ant colonies, where ants are mostly specialized in a particular jobs, the micro robots can be programmed to handle some specific job as well. Diamagnetic Micro Manipulation (DM3) use magnets to move under a circuit board, and can be pre-programmed to follow a certain path and do specific jobs, even while navigating the terrain of the surface.

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Cute and Adorable Fairy Tale Illustrations

Russian illustrator Varya Kolesnikova makes these lovably cute and adorable illustrations, often with fairy tales forming the theme. As is to be expected, several of these illustrations do make their way into children’s books and receive the attention they so rightfully deserve.

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Giant Robot Slippers Add Sound Effects to Your Walk

Giant robot slippers on the feet, sound effects to go along. I think I would feel obligated to walk like a robot wearing those. Which is totally my style. Costs $30.

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Chinese Company Shows We Could Build Cities in a Day With 3D Printing

As they say, Rome was not built in a day. That was exactly what came to my mind when I saw the feat of Chinese firm Yingchuang New Materials. While Rome not being built in a day still stands true, we could perhaps soon handle the construction department, at least build city buildings in a day.

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