MoonRider hybrid concept motorcycle has a jet engine to make it fly

MoonRider concept motorcycle sounds like a good idea when you hear about it. It is an electric two-wheeler with individual motors for each wheel, an ultra-lightweight body, and its power source is the sun. We are no fans of the motorcycle’s shape, but it probably does serve a purpose, because this thing wants to fly.

Ostoure concept gets its inspiration from aircrafts, and history

Ostoure concept bike has its form inspired by aircrafts and the Persepolis. An unlikely combination for inspiration of course, but one with results that look good. The street bike concept goes pretty high-tech, with the HUD indicator embedded in the helmet, which features speakers, and displays information like fuel level and speed. As visible from […]

Instant Cartridge Printer: A disposable printer concept

Instant Cartridge Printer is an idea inspired by disposable cameras. Potential customers can use the instant printer depending upon their requirement of speed, quality and the paper size. The printer itself is powered by an internal battery, and to get the environment friendly touch, it includes recyclable paper for packing, and certain recyclable parts in […]

It is time you ate your Facebook friends

Audrey Wells, a student at the University of Quebec at Montreal, has come up with the idea of using profile information and photographs of your Facebook as chocolate wrappers. The concept chocolate is apparently called Facebouffe, and as a concept, it is cool. As a product though, we won’t really love it. Via: Cakehead loves […]

Space Invader Couch

The Space Invader couch is a design from Igor Chak, and will probably send our arcade-game-loving-nostalgia into a tizzy. As far as we are concerned, a Space Invader shaped couch is good enough, though for the boring details, the designer sees it all made of leather and lined with comfortable memory foam. Sadly, this is […]

Nadia digital camera gives no preview, tells you how ‘aesthetic’ the shot was

Mostly, digital cameras have a live preview that lets you see how good the shot went. The Nadia digital camera however, isn’t a fan of letting us week humans decide on the quality of the image, therefore, the camera does not include an LCD display or a viewfinder. What it does give you though, is […]

Grifo IR10 concepts follow the line of pure Italian supercars

Grifo IR10 concepts seek to remain true to the form of “pure Italian super cars” that ruled the roads in the ’70s. Created as successors the Iso Grifo, the concepts carry the name IR10 as the last Grifos to reach the road were IR8 and IR9. The concepts from designers Davide Panarella, Luigi Santibacci, and […]

Bicycle powered washing machine

Bicycle powered washing machine is an idea that can seem both insane and excellent. A concept from designer Mitch Shivers of the Philippines, the washing machine uses the motion of the bicycle as means to complete its washing duties. A 30 gallon steel drum with a built-in washing system is attached to the bike, and […]

Airbus shows its vision of the future airplane with a concept

Airbus recently displayed its vision for the future of airplanes, what airplanes could be like in 20-30 years. Use of lightweight “intelligent” materials in the construction of the plane was pretty much expected, since a lot of concepts refer to them and these materials actually do have a lot of potential. Other highlights for the […]

Targeted advertising: Board scans you before displaying ads

This prototype billboard in Tokyo seems to be red hot with targeted advertising. People may look at the board, and this board stares back, that is to say that the board scans people as they walk past and decides what kind of advertisement to display. This would probably be targeted advertising at its finest, and […]

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