The Bankers Lamp Gets Revisited, Bettered

The Bankers Lamp – Revisited by Cory Barkman

The Bankers Lamp – Revisited is probably what all bankers lamps dream of becoming one day. A creation of Cory Barkman (previously), the lamp follows the style of the artist, that is, an old world look that is somewhat steampunk-ish, but mostly elegant, stylish, and functional.

The lamp has been constructed from found repurposed objects, and parts specially designed and crafted for the lamp itself. In another life, the lamp’s head was a brass backflow valve, on its present job, the lamp head forms the basis of the lamp’s design and takes on an attractive look.

The Bankers Lamp – Revisited by Cory Barkman

To carry function with the lamp’s appearance, the knob on the front works as an on/off switch, a custom gauge on the lamp measures room temperature, and displays it in the artist’s preferred unit of measurement, BARKMANHEIT. The custom-made green glass is skillfully crafted and lit by LEDs. The overall effect gives the lamp something of a futuristic look despite the lamp’s largely Victorian appearance.


Cory built the lamp on commission from a client. As the artist puts it,

A long time client and art collector brought me into his home office walled with books and art objects. He directed my attention to his desk, pointing out his current lamp, a reproduced Banker’s Lamp, stating that he wished it could be so much more. He asked if l could make him my version of this lamp. My interest captured, he went on to request several features he wished to see, and l went off to dream about a design. As his primary work light, it needed to be completely functional and provide excellent task lighting. After that, he wanted something mechanical, with as many found objects as possible, clunky, asymmetrical, a green indicator light, 9″ maximum base depth, and completely “over the top”.

As you can already guess by the appearance of the lamp, the client loved it. Cory says:

The client was thrilled, saying, “l knew it was going to be good, but this is way beyond what l thought it was going to be!” We sat for some time discussing the form, function, and reasons behind the many choices made while making it. Very enjoyable.

You can follow Cory Barkman on Facebook, or reach him through his website.

The Bankers Lamp – Revisited by Cory Barkman

The Bankers Lamp – Revisited by Cory Barkman

The Bankers Lamp – Revisited by Cory Barkman

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