Pinch the Butt Lamp to Light It Up, Slap the Butt to Switch it Off

Here is a simplistic view at life if there ever was one. Pinch this butt lamp to light it up, slap the butt to switch it off. That’s just the magic of glowing butts, where the sun shines right out of the arse. The glowing butt lamp by London based designer Joseph Begley is called […]

Spiderman Spidey Hand 3d Deco Light

Spidey’s hand lights up your room with this 3D deco light. Normally, it might not be very wise for Spiderman to try maneuvers while his hand is stuck in a wall, but as a light, it could work pretty well. Costs $33.

Champagne Glass Table Lamps For a Swig of Light

Contrary to its appearance of sitting above the stem of a champagne glass, the lamp is almost anticlimactically named People Lamp. Designed by Pedro Mendes, the lamp has a clear champagne glass like stem, topped by a touch of color around the switch and the bulb holder. Priced at €64.67 (~$88).

The Grand Zippo Gasolier Candelabra

Zippo Gasolier is worth all the love for looking this grand. Designed by Luka Pirnat, the gasolier matches up the classic Zippo lighters to the candelabra. A set of seven Zippo lighters sit on the menorah, hailing a remembrance to both, the gasolier and the zippo lighters. Come to think of it, Zippos are especially […]

Ah, It Glows: Water Balloon Light Bulbs

Light and water have the power to create very imaginative bulbs, like the water balloon light bulbs we see here. The shape of the bulbs is a cue to the way water balloons inflate under a faucet, and also of the irregularities you could expect in water in a setting like that. The bulbs are […]

Magnets Keep Lights In Place For Chandelier

Float Chandelier by New York based design studio Bower, makes use of magnets to keep lights tied up into place. A central magnet keeps the magnetic LED lights at the top and bottom of the chandelier in place, holding its shape together with magnetic tension. The design and looks are pretty interesting, but we imagine […]

Darth Vader and Stormtrooper Mood Lights

With the Sith Lord and the most feared soldier of the galactic empire lighting up their helmets for effects, we’d say the “mood light” part has been achieved. Available for pre-order, the lamps make use of five LED lights, and are available in two sizes. Costs £15 ($24) for the smaller lamps and £40 ($65) […]

Fish Shaped Designer Lamps

A lamp that is a sort of deja vu for the design of Frank Gehry, the fish lamp takes its form from a design the 80+ year old architect created 25 years ago. The first fish lamp was created some 25 years ago when the designer saw shards of colorful plastics from ColorCore laminate. Revisiting […]

Lamps Dressed In Fashion of the Day

Dressing lamps from Italian designer Marcella Foschi employ old clothes as shades. While that is a brilliant idea that lends both form and shape to the lamp, we wonder how effective could a lamp like this be. Wearing lamp sized clothes would perhaps be much better. Via CubeMe

Iron Man 3D Wall Lamp

We’d say Iron Man looks pretty good stuffed into a wall, though his attempts at escape seem to have cracked the wall a little bit. He does work pretty good as a deco light. Costs $40.

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