Vintage-Style Lamp Made From Reclaimed Materials

Vintage themed lamps and objects that artist Cory Barkman (previously) creates, come from a very elaborate process. The stunning design and the beautiful appearance are of course, a big part of the job, but the story of materials used in making these lamps is impressive in itself. Most of the objects used in the construction

Industrial Revolution table presents an attractive, rugged style

Industrial Revolution table presents quite a sight, in its style and in its construction. Made by artist Cory Barkman in his classic style, the table has been made out of a selection of re-purposed materials, and some parts fabricated by the artist himself. What gives the table more of an appeal is that it revolves

Beautiful lamps crafted from re-purposed materials

There is an inherent beauty in the Steampunk-ish old timey lamps from artist Cory Barkman. He has just sent us images of the latest batch of lamps. Like their predecessors, these lamps are made mostly from repurposed materials. Cory starts off work with a design and idea, foraging for exact parts that would blend, work

Artist uses scrap to create amazing lamps with an old-world feel

Artist Cory Barkman takes inspiration from the bygone era to create his amazing work. His work is reminiscent the time gone past and yet, is fairly contemporary. Amazing as these lamps look, they have been constructed entirely out of scrap. Cory searches for water, air, gas and mechanical parts at the scrap yard, identifying material