The ‘Total Steampunk’ Franken Edison Light

Franken Edison Light matches up with the light bulb by Edison, takes inspiration from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, and has that Victorian Steampunk look going about it. The two Edison bulbs on the lamp are placed inside two 8-inch mouth blown globes as a salute to the old Frankenstein movies. The movies placed two separate spheres that would catch lightning and send it through to Frankenstein. While these globes aren’t going to catch lightning, they do make a statement of style towards the form of Van de Graff generators used in the movies.

Pinch the Butt Lamp to Light It Up, Slap the Butt to Switch it Off

Here is a simplistic view at life if there ever was one. Pinch this butt lamp to light it up, slap the butt to switch it off. That’s just the magic of glowing butts, where the sun shines right out of the arse. The glowing butt lamp by London based designer Joseph Begley is called Slap It, and offers “a multi-sensory experience to make you smile.”

Ah, It Glows: Water Balloon Light Bulbs

water balloon light bulbs

Light and water have the power to create very imaginative bulbs, like the water balloon light bulbs we see here. The shape of the bulbs is a cue to the way water balloons inflate under a faucet, and also of the irregularities you could expect in water in a setting like that. The bulbs are backlit by LEDs, and the light is diffused and distributed by the bubbles of water in the bulb.