Ah, It Glows: Water Balloon Light Bulbs

water balloon light bulbs

Light and water have the power to create very imaginative bulbs, like the water balloon light bulbs we see here. The shape of the bulbs is a cue to the way water balloons inflate under a faucet, and also of the irregularities you could expect in water in a setting like that. The bulbs are backlit by LEDs, and the light is diffused and distributed by the bubbles of water in the bulb.

Magnets Keep Lights In Place For Chandelier

Float Chandelier by New York based design studio Bower, makes use of magnets to keep lights tied up into place. A central magnet keeps the magnetic LED lights at the top and bottom of the chandelier in place, holding its shape together with magnetic tension. The design and looks are pretty interesting, but we imagine a lot more could be done with the setup; perhaps a few more additions to give the floating lights more flair.

Fish Shaped Designer Lamps

A lamp that is a sort of deja vu for the design of Frank Gehry, the fish lamp takes its form from a design the 80+ year old architect created 25 years ago. The first fish lamp was created some 25 years ago when the designer saw shards of colorful plastics from ColorCore laminate. Revisiting the old design, the architect has created a new series of fish lamps, built again by using the ColorCore from Formica.

Seaweed Lamps by Nir Meiri

Marine Light by designer Nir Meiri makes use of seaweed as a primary element. While the seaweed plays a passive role, it is its presence that gives the lamps their unique style. Seaweed is applied over metal strips while it is still wet. As it dries, it shrinks and sticks to the metal strips, forming a lampshade. A finishing coat is applied over the seaweed to keep it preserved. The final result is this impressive and unique looking lamp you see here.

Starry Light Lamp Projects the Night Sky in Your Room

Starry Light is a handcrafted lamp with the hemispherical shade carved into a pattern so it projects the images of constellations and stars to its background. The lamp features constellations from the Northern Hemisphere’s equinoxes and solstices, although the creators do accept custom builds so you could get one built specifically for your location.

Construction Lamp

Construction lamps by Joost van Bleiswijk take the look of small toy construction playset. The joints are exaggerated with large screws to enhance the construction look. The lamps are inspired by metal factory constructions, electricity poles and other construction elements. Taking the appearance of a pylon, the four sides rise and taper towards the top that is capped by the lamp itself. Made for Moooi, the lamp will be available in three size, two floor lamps and one tiny enough to perch upon a table.