Volkswagen Interactive PSA Reminds Movie Goers Not to Text and Drive

Everybody knows its bad to text while driving, and yet people somehow totally ignore the warning. In fact, mobile use while driving is now the leading cause of death behind the wheel. In this PSA, Volkswagen shocked movie goers into seeing how bad texting while driving could be.

Car Models Classified According to Dog Breeds by Volkswagen

We love dogs, we love cars, it follows only logically that when choosing a car we should look at the comfort of our dog as well. Volkswagen’s latest advertising campaign Woofwagen tries to settle up dog breeds with the car models that should be most suitable for the dog. The accompanying video of the campaign […]

A Craftily Dismantled Volkswagen

Here’s an image of a dismantled Volkswagen Golf Mk2. The car was in production from 1983 to 1992, during which 6.3 million Golf Mk2s were built. Here’s a closer look at the once very popular car, neatly dismantled, with its parts available for view. As a comment on TwistedSifter mentions, the photograph is the work […]

Hippy AT-AT

Volkswagen Camper has quite a name for itself as a versatile vehicle, but also for all the love it received from the hippy lifestyle. Had the empire come under the influence of this thought, we would see things going a wee different way, like the AT-AT VW where the Rasta soldiers of the empire take […]

Scream Machine: The Volkwagen Up That Runs on Screams

Made to mark the Olympics, this Volkswagen Up has no foot pedal for acceleration. It does in stead rely on sounds of shouting, screaming and general merriment of its occupants to speed up or down. Made with the help of creative agency Achtung Netherlands, the car makes use of ‘orange-motion technology’ which basically sounds like […]

VW Micro Bus Bunk Bend and Playhouse

Gentlemen, it is time to dawn your DIY hats and make your kids proud. While at it, you will also get to re-live the 70s and probably impart some in-house hippy training. In all fairness, this VW Micro-Bus bunk bed is pretty damn cool and the added playhouse makes it way more cooler. Now if […]

Volkswagen and the Empire’s Imperial Walker [pic]

Seen here, the AT-AT Volkswagen made for the empire’s hippy stormtrooper army. Via NerdApproved

Dogs Bark, Sing the Imperial March [video]

Volkswagen is continuing its theme of awesome Star Wars themed ads for the superbowl again this year, and this time around, it is going to be dogs barking to sing the Imperial March. VW has released a teaser for the advertisement. Wait… what? Yep, teasers for advertisements do exist now; just like singing dogs.

Hedgehogs – Volkswagen’t Cute New Ad For The Golf

Ain’t that cute? And that’s how you sell cars. Or virtually anything.

Electric Beetle can go fast, really fast

This 1965 Volkswagen Beetle is not what any car would like to mess with. In fact, supercars would steer clear of this badass monster. Named Black Current, the car has been modified to run on electricity. Built by Sam and Olly Young from Berkshire in the United Kingdom, the car pounces from zero to 60mph […]

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