Star Wars Music Played on a Pipe Organ [video]

Main title from Star Wars played on a 5/80 Sanfilippo Wurlitzer theatre pipe organ, played by Jelani Eddington. It is not only great to hear, but it is quite a treat to watch Eddington move his hands skillfully on a pipe organ. via

Star Wars Polygon Art Pillow Cases

Star Wars meets polygon art meets pillow cases in these creations of TheRetroInc. Characters on the pillow cases are based off the original trilogy, just in case you needed more reason to like them. Each pillow case is priced at $34.

Get More Action by Pooping Down the Deadly Sarlacc Pit

Even the bravest, deadliest of Jedi would not try the impudent move of pooping down the Sarlacc Pit. Simply because it is much better to drop waste out of your butt, than to get the butt wasted. But you my dear, you are special; and braver than anyone else. For you can sit comfortably and […]

Star Wars Themed Football Helmets For All 32 NFL Teams

Mexican artist John Raya put all 32 NFL team helmets into a Star Wars theme.

Poked to Death: Pokeball Death Star Shirt

Got to say, we approve of this Pokeball – Death Star mashup. Though looking at the image, we have to ask the all important question. Does it make her look fat? The geeky shirt is costs $24.

If I Say ‘I Love You’ to Star Wars Rings, Do They Know?

A very detailed, very beautiful collection of rings based on the Star Wars universe. The very well detailed rings were created by Japan based JAP Studio to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of the Star Wars movie in 1997. Why are we talking about them now? Mostly because they’re awesome.

Star Wars Toys Take a Very Realistic Turn of Events

Putting skills of forced perspective to use, Finnish photographer and illustrator Vesa Lehtimäki aka Avanaut has a set of beautiful images where Star Wars reaches out for our planet. The photographer used toys for photography in the real world, and with a bit of perspective, actually managed to make them look like full scale objects […]

Darth Vader Being a Good Father to Leia in Vader’s Little Princess

Illustrated and written by Jeffrey Brown, Star Wars: Vader’s Little Princess is a book that deals with the life of Darth Vader and Princess Leia. For the book, the Sith Lord is doing his usual duties for the empire, but he also has a young daughter to take care of. The situations obviously often get […]

Disney Princesses, Star Wars Mashup

Artist Ralph Sevelius illustrated Disney princesses as various characters from Star Wars, and they do a variety of roles in the series; from being Sith Lords to being frozen in carbonite.

Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type Matched to Star Wars and Star Trek Characters

Following the line of the Harry Potter Myers-Briggs personality test type we saw earlier, here’s another version where you get too match your personality type with characters from Star Wars. Get your test here, then click the image above for a larger, more legible version. Or scroll down for the Star Trek version.

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