2014 Porsche Macan

Porsche has unveiled the new Macan SUV, the smaller sibling to the Cayenne. Macan will be available in two versions, the Macan S and Macan Turbo. Availability will start with the former, powered by a 3 liter TDI V6 that provides a power of a 258hp. The top speed is limited to 156mph, with the […]

Maserati Bora Concept

Inspired by the classic Maserati Bora, designer Alexander Imnadze created an independent concept rendering of the car for the modern world. Produced between 1971 and 1978, the Bora had less than 600 units built. It was this classic GT look that the designer intended to re-interpret for the modern Maserati Bora Concept.

Famous Car Illustrations by Nicolas Bannister

French illustrator Nicolas Bannister has a series of intriguing pop culture car illustrations. All illustrations have a seemingly same composition and style, with the car taking the main platform, and the relevant characters showing up as distant figures or silhouettes in the background of the illustration. The set covers a good population of famous popular […]

Getting Car Furniture Luxuriously Right With the Glamour Beetle Armchair

Furniture that has the elements cars is not really rare, but it is rare to see where the disciplines of automobiles and furniture work in harmony. Glamour Beetle Armchair is way more than a couch dumped into a cut section of the Beetle. It manages to keep its identity as the car while very successfully […]

Race Through the Highway to Hell in a Jet Powered Coffin

Why does the world need a jet powered coffin? Because it’s awesome, that’s why. Enthusiast Bob Maddox built a pulsejet powered coffin car that goes from zero to sixty in nine seconds, and keeps its driver in a coffin.

Lamborghini Veneno Roadster

Adding company to the Veneno Supercar, Lamborghini has given it a sibling in the form of the Veneno Roadster. Endowed with the same aggressive looks, this one is a mighty beast as well. Power comes from a 750 hp 6.5-liter V12 that takes the roadster from zero to 60mph in just 2.9 seconds, and allows […]

Car Models Classified According to Dog Breeds by Volkswagen

We love dogs, we love cars, it follows only logically that when choosing a car we should look at the comfort of our dog as well. Volkswagen’s latest advertising campaign Woofwagen tries to settle up dog breeds with the car models that should be most suitable for the dog. The accompanying video of the campaign […]

Zombie Survival Car, the Hyundai Santa Fe ZSM

Gearing up for the zombie apocalypse is a wise move, doing that with a car built specially for mowing down zombie hordes is better. Displayed at the New York Comic Con, this vehicle put on show all its zombie mowing goodness. Designed by Anson Kuo and based on the Santa Fe, the vehicle was chosen […]

Get Your Hands on the Authentic 1966 Batmobile Replica

Inspired by the ’60s TV show Batman, this Batmobile is built on a custom Lincoln chassis, and gets its powers from a 430 hp engine that works with a Monster TH350 automatic transmission. Batman wasn’t cool enough to give up the atomic batteries or turbines, so makers of this car mounted a propane cylinder in […]

Infographic Has Some Interesting, Few Quirky Facts About Cars

Going through the long history of cars, this infographic has a collection of some interesting, some quirky and some weird facts about cars.

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