Delight Yourself With the Beauty of Rally Racing in Slow-Mo [video]

Shot around the car of rally racer Sebastien Ogier, this slow motion video shows several angles and views that cannot be quite appreciated at normal speed. In slow motion however, you see them clear and realize the effort that must go into driving, and the skill that is required for rally racing. via

Say Hello to the Beautiful Equus Bass 770

Equus Bass 770 takes a retro look, which is arguably the best appearance you can take when you want to be a muscle car. It mixes up the fastback retro styling of the old muscle cars with modern technology to create a car that is both, powerful, and with the good looks of the golden […]

A Craftily Dismantled Volkswagen

Here’s an image of a dismantled Volkswagen Golf Mk2. The car was in production from 1983 to 1992, during which 6.3 million Golf Mk2s were built. Here’s a closer look at the once very popular car, neatly dismantled, with its parts available for view. As a comment on TwistedSifter mentions, the photograph is the work […]

Ambitious Supercar Plans to Topple All Records by Going 340 mph

Meet ‘The Bolt’ a young kid from Keating Supercars who hopes to take on the mightiest in the world and beat them to a pulp. The Bolt hopes to hit a top speed of 340 mph, very near 0.5 times the speed of sound. If that sounds super ambitious, that is because the current record […]

A Very Batmobile-Like Mercedes SL GTR Concept

An independent concept by designer Mark Hostler, the very Batmobile like Mercedes SL GTR Concept as a supercar for the 21st century. Trying to live up to its aggressive look and design, the concept has been endowed with race car chassis, race suspension, carbon ceramic brakes, racing tires and a Nismo designed 5.5 liter V8 […]

Enjoy This Fiery Slow Motion Explosion of a Convertible [video]

Cars. Explosions. The words might look like an unfit pair, but they go extremely well together. Just ask the million movies that made cars explode for no good reason. In the same spirit, watch this exploding Chevrolet convertible brought to you by the Slow Mo guys. via

Life Sized Lamborghini Aventador is Made Completely Out of Paper

We are fans of the stunning looks of the Lamborghini Aventador, we’re even more enamored by someone going the impressive route and crafting a supercar entirely out of paper. Seattle based artist Taras Lesko crafted this full scale Lamborghini Aventador using only paper. The paparecraft supercar has been styled in the looks of a police […]

Lexus Flirts With Fugly In The Lexus LF-NX Crossover

Gearing up for the Frankfurt Motor Show, where everyone is dressing up, Lexus apparently decided to do something different and bring along the fugly LF-NX concept. The sharp cuts and lines and stance are purportedly meant to give the crossover an aggressive stance, only it ended up giving it a fugly look. That grille could […]

Man Builds Knight Rider KITT Car Replica

Knight Rider’s KITT is right there amongst the best TV cars ever, and its epicness should very well translate into fan builds. Chris Palmer recreated the legendary car for himself, starting with a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am and adding all the goodies and gadgets needed to replicate KITT’s dashboard. He can regularly be seen riding […]

Hey Matilda! You’re Quite the Hot One

Checkout Matilda II from designer Serdar Soyal. She’s quite the hot rod made to look better with these beautiful renderings. I’ll tell you something Matilda, your windscreen seems too small. Hot rods are supposed to look that way, but you seem to have gone overboard. But we will ignore that Matilda, because you’re only a […]