Cubli the Robotic Cube Jumps Up, Balances, Walks

Cubli is a tiny cube, measuring just 6 inches for each side. But the tiny little cube is darn impressive, especially given its ability to maintain its balance. Cubli can balance itself on its corner, then you could push, goad, spin the little cube or even dramatically change the angle of the surface it sits on, but the cube staunchly refuses to budge.

NASA’s Valkyrie ‘Superhero Robot’

nasa valkyrie robot

NASA’s new robot is named Valkyrie, is 6.2 feet tall, weighs 275 pounds, and has a name inspired by god-like females of Norse myth. The robot has been built to compete in the DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC), where it would be required to do several maneuvers like driving a utility vehicle, walking over uneven terrain, clearing debris, breaking through a wall, closing a valve, and connecting a fire hose. The humanoid Valkyrie looks all fit for the job description.

Brewbot is a Total Bro-bot, Makes Beer With Help of Your Smartphone

The continuously expanding portfolio of smartphones has a new skill added, that of brewing beer. Brewing is not an easy job, by any definition of the word. While professionals manage all the intricacies in breweries, home brewers have to spend a lot more time and care to get their beer ready. Brewbot is now making an entry into the arena, and works like a total bro to get your beer ready for you.

Watch Robots Build The Tesla Model S [video]

Tesla’s factory in Fremont, California makes about 400 cars a week, the stunning Model S. They bought the factory from Toyota in 2010, spent a year retooling it, and started production of the Model S sedan in 2012. The coolest part about the factory perhaps, is seeing robots work in tandem to build the cars. Watching those red machines get to work in building cars is quite mesmerizing and pretty darn impressive.

Via WiredAutopia

Robotic Spider Works Quite Like the Real Deal

Since peeing your pants never gets out of fashion, having a robotic spider that’s incredibly life-like might help one stay on top of the game. The 3-D printed T8 Spiderbot has incredibly realistic movements that are guided by a network of wires and 26 servo motors. This network of wires is kept hidden by a 3D printed shell that works to enhance the life-like scariness of the terrible insect.

Drones Fly Beer To You

Drones have come a long way. Rather than merely be suitable for barbaric acts like war, they have started to become more civilized and can now be seen flying beer to patrons. This particular drone took flight at South Africa’s OppiKoppi music festival where customers would order beer by phone and the drone would carry parachute packed beer and drop it near the intended customer. Drones, beer falling from the sky, music, well that’s pretty much how things should be.

Robotic Girl and Hound Sniff You, Pass Judgement on Your Body Odor

We would argue that we don’t need a robot to pass judgement on body odor, but then perhaps better a robot than a girl. Having the appearance of just a head, the humanoid robot girl sits on a rectangular pink and red box. Should you come close to the robotic lady, Kaori-chan and have her smell your breath, she will tell you what she thinks, ranging from “It smells like citrus” to “Emergency taking place.” Arguably, the scent of citrus is always better than the smell of an emergency.