NCAA Football Helmet Portable Bluetooth Speakers

These portable, rechargeable Bluetooth speakers include built-in speakerphone, microphone and a powerful sub-woofer. The battery runs for eight hours, so that’s plenty for parties and fun. They are available in several flavors, and in three sizes. Prices range from $99.95 for Small, $199.95 for Medium size, and $399.95 for Large speakers. Available on Amazon.

Death Star Soccer Ball

Put your love for the Star Wars and Soccer in one place, and have a time with the Death Star Soccer Ball. It doesn’t have an exhaust port design flaw, but then it isn’t the size of the moon and won’t shoot down planets either. Costs $30.

Game of Thrones Style Sigils for NFL Teams

Game of Thrones sigils must invade every franchise and universe possible. In their latest move, the sigils have invaded NFL logos. DJroomba made illustrations that fit Game of Thrones house sigils with NFL teams, and in fact went the extra mile creating several logos for each team, so you can have the pick on what you like best.

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