F550 Made Into A Luxury Custom Camper

For off-grid travel lovers, the new Ford F550 Full Custom Camper is the perfect companion. The F550 is custom-built for trips into any rough terrain while keeping comfort at 100%. With compartments for nearly everything, this camper keeps everything out of sight until needed. The features make it the best vehicle for adventure lovers that live on the road.

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Rides Of The Wild — Animal Inspired Car Renderings

Frederic Mueller - Rides Of The Wild - Gator2

A very creative series, the Rides of the Wild brings a touch of animals to classic cars. The artist’s idea is to go beyond renders and encourage the imagination of the viewer. Something that can hold interest of a viewer, rather than be a comment in passing. Swiss artist Frédéric Müller matches animals to classic cars.

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All-Electric Airis Wants To Be The Future’s Flying Taxi

AirisOne Flying Taxi Concept

Flying cars continue their attempts to come out of imagination into the real world. The latest iteration in the long line of flying concepts is the AirisOne. This all-electric flying car is the brainchild of Bermuda-based Airis Aerospace. Capable of ferrying five passengers, the AirisOne will have the ability to be fully autonomous, with options for semi-autonomous driving. The taxis will fly from (and to) a network of envisioned “Vertiports”, enabling travel throughout a city.

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Fifth Element: The One That Looks Like A UFO

The Fifth Element Mechanical Sculpture by MB&F and LEpee

MB&F partnered with L’Epée 1839 to create a machine that looks beautiful and does a whole lot of things. The Fifth Element is a classic mechanical weather station, like the ones you would expect to see before the digital age went full swing. In true MB&F style, The Fifth Element is more than just a set of mechanical instruments clubbed together – it is a mechanical sculpture with incredible craftsmanship.

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When Poorly Rendered Car From Some ’90s Video Games Becomes Real

Karlmann King SUV

The radically designed Karlmann King SUV presents itself as a “Ground Stealth Fighter”. Although it reminds us more of the good old low polygon count games of the ’90s. Of course, those games had restrictions on their graphic rendering, this SUV takes this look by choice. The makers of the SUV claim that it takes 2000 designers, developers, and engineers from all over the world to build this behemoth.

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Handmade Leather Grimoires and Journals That Will Amaze You

Handmade Leather books by MilleCuirs

You could call them creepy or scary, but the word you’re actually looking for is fantastic. Canadian artist MilleCuirs describes the books on his Etsy page as “Handmade leather grimoires, blank books and journals”. Many of the creations do take an aspect that may be described as creepy or scary. That comes with the territory, and likely is the effect the artist aims for in these painstaking and meticulous creations.

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10 Logic Defying Lawsuits that Had Their (Weird) Day in Court

When some folks find logic in things that others cannot see, they drag the other party to the court of law to unintentionally create laughter riots. Some have valid reasons – what they believe them to be – to support their cause; for others, such a practice is just for the sake of doing it. Aiming to force the legal system to lay a golden egg, such people tend to defy established norms and go beyond what seems downright comical – to others who are not gifted enough to see those loopholes in the system.

Here is a list of 10 such logic-defying lawsuits that would sure tickle your funny bones. We have made all possible efforts not to register their deeds in any preset order, since we believe each one of them deserves the #1 position.

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Trion Nemesis is in the futuristic hardcore supercar business

Trion, and by association, the Trion Nemesis are both new names in the supercar game. And as things stand, they might as well be here for the long haul. I say that because I’m smitten with its good looks and excellent form. Top of the line model Nemesis N1-RR comes with a humongous 9.0 liter twin turbo V8 engine that has 2000 horses at its command. This motor will be mated to an 8-speed sequential transmission. Working together, the arrangement promises a zero to 60 mph time of 2.8 seconds, and a top speed of 290 mph.

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