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5 Best Incense Matches To Try In 2020

5 Best Incense Matches To Try In 2020

There is truly no match to incense matches when you need a fresh breeze of fragrance. Just pull one sheet, light it, and your room will instantly get filled with a fresh wisp of exotic fragrance. The best incense matches come in small booklets of incense sheets that can be carried anywhere and are suitable for all spaces. Incense matches are an excellent fit for all spaces – cars, bathrooms, and even public places.

Why Pick Incense Matches?

If you are not into room deodorizers, incense matches might just be the best fit for you. But there are other prominent reasons too that make incense matches more appealing over sticks. 

  • Incense matches are safer than leaving a burning scented candle unattended in your space, especially if you have kids. 
  • Incense matches come in small-sized booklets that can fit inside small cubicles, cars, bathrooms, and so on.
  • Low commitment – The matches available nowadays can also be super economical.
  • Some people are allergic or feel suffocated from scented candles. Incense matches can be used as a replacement in such cases considering the exotic and fresh aromas they are packed in.
  • You can even replace your bathroom deodorant with incense matches that are equally efficient and economical.
  • The aromas from the popular options available today last a lot longer than common candles and deodorants.


Randommization participates in the Amazon affiliate program. If you choose to buy products listed here, we may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. This listing is for information and not for specific endorsement of any product.

The Incense Match Company (Assorted Matches)

The most popular ones in terms of efficiency are these. Assorted in packs of 10, 16, 17, 50, etc., they instantly fill your room with fresh smells of coconut, sandalwood, berries, vanilla, and others. Just pull a sheet and light it – that’s all you need to do.

Travel-friendly, economical, easy-to-use, safe for health – all in a box offering 16 different flavors. Each booklet bears a different hue and is color coded for different fragrances trapped in the booklets. The packaging is super cute, vivid, and yet cheap and very effective in its performance.

The Incense Match Company - Assorted Matches

Incienso de Santa Fe (Sampler)

These incense bricks come in 7 exciting flavors – Burner, Includes Piñon, Cedar, Juniper, Hickory, Alder, Mesquite and Fir Balsam. Each flavor is equally distributed in 10 small bricks that can be ignited quickly and safely.

The best feature of these bricks is their natural origin promising zero harmful chemicals and only natural wood. These make for an excellent gift item for anyone with its affordable packaging and fresh, natural aromas.

Incienso de Santa Fe - 7 Scent Sampler

Morocca Essence Incense

The essence incense in 180 sticks is another popular choice. The packaging is very appealing and packed in six brilliant colors for six unique fragrances: Ocean, Morning Blossom, Jasmine tea, Rose Geranium, Sandalwood, and Lavender Rosemary.

These vividly colored incense sticks not only show deodorizing effect but are also suitable for yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, prayer, and creating a romantic atmosphere. They are richly filled with pure and natural essential oils, herbs, and wood gums that are hand-blended and rolled.

Each of the differently colored packs accompanies their own incense holder that allows for safe usage of the sticks. These incense sticks are also a popular gift.

Morocca Essence Incense Gift Pack

HiBi 10 Minutes Aroma Matchstick

HiBi Aroma Matches are really tiny and made to fit inside a pocket. 8 pieces of incense sticks are packed in a pocket-sized case and can be carried anywhere and everywhere. Each small stick continues to spread natural aroma through 10 minutes and are also a great gift item for occasions.

These incense matchsticks are made of fine quality natural incense, paper fibre, wax, and charcoal. These are suitable for prayers, yoga, meditation, or even to decorate your desk or space flawlessly. The sticks, small in size, yet engineered to last for a long 10 minutes and fills your room with fresh aromas.

Mostly natural smells are embedded in the matchsticks and have Japanese origin. You can easily use them with an incense burner stand that holds these small pieces in place.

HiBi 10 Minutes Aroma Matchstick

Home Made Aromatherapy Organic Tibetan Rope Incense

As the name implies, these incense ropes are handmade with organic rose extracts and are excellent for aromatherapy. The pack contains 45 organic ropes crafted for use in special ceremonies, home decor, yoga, meditation, or prayer. You can place them in little holders and light the ropes that give out fresh rose fragrances in your space.

These are a good choice in rope incense and are easy to use and affordable. You can also carry them while on a trip as these are travel-friendly.

Home Made Aromatherapy Organic Rose Tibetan Rope Incense

Incense matches are growing in popularity day-by-day due to the safety components that are used in their manufacturing. For households having children and aged members, it is best to use incense matches to ensure no health hazards are there. All these are our top picks for the best incense matches that you can use.

3 Digital Tools That Can Help Bring Your Inventions to Life

3 Digital Tools That Can Help Bring Your Inventions to Life

Have you got a great idea for an invention but no clue how you’re actually going to make it a reality? Well, don’t feel alone, because the vast majority of would-be inventors are in the same boat – having the creativity needed to conceptualize a new product but lacking the tools, resources, and skills needed to bring the first prototype into existence. Fortunately, by increasing your proficiency in using certain digital tools, you can dramatically improve your odds of succeeding as an inventor in any industry. So, here are three kinds of digital tools that can help you bring your inventions from mere concepts to top-performing products:

1. PCB Board Software

If your invention will involve technological hardware, you might benefit from learning how to use a pcb board software to design the circuit boards that make up the inner workings of the device. This kind of software is a lot easier to use than you might expect, as there are huge repositories of pre-made content that you can lean upon as a novice to put together remarkable designs with very little experience. At the same time, becoming proficient in advanced PCB design techniques can require a bit of a learning curve, but it’s something that’s definitely worth dedicating your time towards as an inventor.

2. CAD Software

Learning how to use a computer-aided design (CAD) software will allow you to bring your inventions to life in the digital ream so that your manufacturers and partners have something to base their opinions and decisions on going forward. Being able to show a computer rendered graphic design that thoroughly maps out how the product will look and function will obviously work in your favor when you’re trying to convince someone that your invention idea is worth developing. While becoming an expert in using CAD software might take a few months of studying and practicing, this is a skill set that will definitely benefit you as an inventor of any kind.

3. Accounting Software

Finally, knowing how to use an accounting software to create comprehensive budgets and financial plans will help you found a business model that will facilitate the widespread adoption of your invention by the general public. If you want your product to become a household name and avoid the common financial pitfalls that many new brands face, mastering the use of an accounting software is a step that will definitely prove useful in the long-term.

An Idea is Only the First Step

Ultimately, it’s important to remember that your job as an inventor is only beginning when you’ve come up with the initial concept. From there, you still need to design a prototype and devise a financial plan for bringing your product to the market in a profitable and sustainable manner. By taking the time to learn any of the three software types mentioned above, you can significantly enhance your odds of becoming part of the minority of inventors who are actually able to follow through with their inventions.

Rides Of The Wild — Animal Inspired Car Renderings

Rides Of The Wild — Animal Inspired Car Renderings

Rides Of The Wild — Animal Inspired Car Renderings

A very creative series, the Rides of the Wild brings a touch of animals to classic cars. The artist’s idea is to go beyond renders and encourage the imagination of the viewer. Something that can hold interest of a viewer, rather than be a comment in passing. Swiss artist Frédéric Müller matches animals to classic cars.


Cool Gameboy And NES Themed iPhone Cases

Cool Gameboy And NES Themed iPhone Cases

Having a protective case for your phone is a great idea. Spending all the phone’s battery on playing games, well, not so great an idea. To be perfectly honest, the lure of gaming is enough for many of us to sneak to the phone and kill some time (or a lot of it!) playing games. That’s one of the reasons these cases caught my attention. They protect the phone, and they protect the battery. Plus, who can resist the joy of playing some old NES and Gameboy classics? Or for that matter, just a good old round of Tetris! Ah, that brings back memories.

Well, here are some cases to consider for your gaming needs. Keep in mind, the screens are going to tiny. Not miniscule, but the case has to go over your phone and keep a ton of room for the buttons and have an appropriate aspect ratio. So head on to check out some cases for your gaming pleasure, and one simply for the looks and nostalgia.

Game Console Cover Case

Enjoy the Game Boy vibe and the classic Tetris with this case. The case is partly made from silicone TPU material to partly protect your phone. As for the game, it has full controls, including easy access sound and power buttons. You will need two button batteries to keep it going, and that might be something to consider before purchasing this case. The Tetris case is available for most iPhones, going all the way from iPhone 6 to iPhone XS.

Tetris Game Console

This case will fatten up your phone a bit, to make room for the necessary electronics as well as the game screen. Much like the previous case, this one is simple, straightforward, and runs off two button batteries. According to the seller, batteries won’t be included with the shipped product due to regulations. The console requires CR2032 button batteries to run.

Game Boy Case With Color Display

Now this is a feature-rich case that will feed your nostalgia. The case is made from silicone and TPU, and the features it brings along will substantially fatten up your phone. We’re talking almost half a centimeter here. Although that’s probably forgivable if your true love lies for the games it brings along. This case has a color screen and includes 36 classic game titles. It seems the default language used is Chinese, though it uses thumbnails so you can navigate to your desired game using visual cues. The case has included rechargeable battery and charges up using a microUSB port.

DURARMOR NES Controller Themed iPhone Case

There is no gaming on this one. It is a conventional iPhone 8 Plus case, designed to follow the theme of the old faithful NES controller. The hard polycarbonate exterior for this case is backed by a soft TPU interior layer to better protect your phone.

Considerations When Purchasing A Case

When purchasing a phone case, do keep your requirements and expected use first. Many of the cases listed here, will add weight and dimensions to your phone simply by virtue of the functions the cases offer. If you are importing a case, it helps to understand your local laws on imports and how it applies to your purchase. Most of the times, there isn’t much trouble, but it helps to understand the process anyway.

20 Amazing Cat Themed Products You Want In Your Home (And Life)

20 Amazing Cat Themed Products You Want In Your Home (And Life)

20 Amazing Cat Themed Products You Want In Your Home (And Life)

How do you show your love for your cat? By packing your home with cat-related goodness, of course. Be careful not to overdo it! But that's a problem for another day. Right now, it's time to sit back and check out these awesome goodies you absolutely do want for your home. We've mined Amazon for these knick-knacks; the tiny, sweet little things that show your admiration and love for your cat. As these things go, a lot of these are coffee cups, but that's not all you will see here. Let's check it out!


Randommization participates in the Amazon affiliate program. If you choose to buy products listed here, we may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. This listing is for information and not for specific endorsement of any product.

1. Cat Welcome Mat

Liven up your door with these cute welcome mats. They say cats rarely greet their owners, but you know better. Sometimes, you’ll get the amazing pleasure of having your cat greet you, and its probably not that rare. Cat Welcome Mat measures 18×30″, is 1/2″ thick, and is made entirely from coconut coir fiber.

2. Cute Cat Phone Stand

This adorable smartphone stand will make things so much livelier! Why place your phone on a random stand or even the nightstand, when you can get things on the cute side with this lovely cat smartphone stand. The cat is shaped round, but manages to stay balanced. Word of caution: this is a novelty product, and there are several customer reviews that say it isn’t built to last.

3. A 3D Ceramic Cat Coffee Mug

Here’s the first of the cat coffee mugs for your home. The ceramic cup is cute, sweet, and available in four variants of cat expressions. The kitty comes with its own spoon and holds 14 ounces of your favorite beverage. It’s the small details that make this mug amazing; the small kitty feet, the tail as the handle, and the crossed claws are a nice touch. Oh, and the expression on the cat face are adorable!

4. Kitty Backpack

This cute backpack has its outer body made from PU leather, while polyester covers the interiors. This cat backpack has one main compartment and two smaller compartments on the inside, plus one front zipper pocket. 

5. Another Cute Cat Ceramic Mug

Look at that adorable kitty! The illustration is lovely and adds quite some character to the mug. Playful, joyous, and our beloved cat hijinks. What’s not to love? The porcelain mug is topped by a food grade PP cover and comes with a stainless steel spoon. It is available in four variants, all with kitty illustrations in various expressions.

6. Cat Paw Silicone Wrist Cushion And Mouse Pad

Give your wrist a rest on this soft and squishy wrist pad designed to provide support and comfort. Full dimensions of the product are 11.4-ich long and 7.4-inch wide. The usable surface is substantially less though, considering that much of it is covered by the silicone cat paw. While it is dependent on personal prefferences, I assume that small surface won’t be much of a problem for casual browsing or some light work. 

7. Applique Embroidered Sew Iron on Patch

Cute, adorable, and with a big heart! This adorable cat X-Ray patch holds everything. It is conveniently priced and low enough, so you can easily get hold of this one should you need to fill up your card for free shipping.

8. ‘Are You Kitten Me’ Coffee Mug

Satiate your love for puns and kittens with this cool coffee mug. The ceramic coffee mug holds 11 oz of liquid, and has a cool kitty pun printed across its body.

9. ‘Pet Space Capsule’ Carrier Backpack

With this backpack, the cat gets to enjoy the scenery while the human carries it around. The semi sphere transparent astronaut window is a really cool touch. However, if you’d like to skip the space capsule look, the backpack also includes a mesh window. The backpack is available in several sizes and colors, and makes a cool companion for you and your cat.

10. Cat Beard Mug

A cool gift, that when placed at just the right angle, gives you a cute set of cat whiskers and nose. Be proud of your cat beard!

11. Cute Kitty LED Night Light

The Cute Kitty LED Night Light looks like something cat lovers would love to have on their nightstand. It is powered by a 1200 mAh USB-rechargeable Li-ion battery so it can be placed wherever convenient. The lamp has eight single light colors to choose from or seven patterns you can run through for changing light colors. Controls are managed through a tap to the kitty’s head. How cool is that?!

12. ‘Best Cat Mom Ever’ Coffee Mug

This “rude” ceramic mug let’s you show off your love for cats in a passive aggressive style. Nothing gets the point across like a cat flipping the finger. The 11 oz mug has print on both sides, and is microwave and dishwasher save. Also available in “Cat Dad” variant.

13. Blue Cat Mousepad With Wrist Rest

Why bother with a dull, monotone mousepad when you can rest your wrist on this cool mousepad with a vibrant cat design! The wrist rest is filled with memory foam for greater comfort, and the cat is all too happy to play along.

14. Glass Tea Cup with a Lid And Strainer

Sync up your love for cats and good tea with this sweet glass cup. The 14 oz cup includes its own lid and strainer so your beverage needs are all fixed in one package. Its lid is formed by the minimalist head-shape of a cat, while its curved tail makes an excellent handle for your cup. It’s available in several colors and can be your teapot as well as a mug.

15. Cat Themed Decorative Linen Cushion Cover

I have to say, I enjoyed looking at these cushion covers. The illustrations they chose are simple, artistic, and just overall pleasant to see. Not going overboard or take the tacky route is all one can ask from decorative cushion covers. These covers are made from cotton, and include a hidden zipper for easier application or removal of the covers.

16. Black And White Ceramic Cat Coffee Mugs

The description on the product listing for these mugs actually reads “Coffee Mugs for Crazy Cat Lady”! We’ll try not to hold that aggressive listing against this otherwise cute coffee mug. The mugs have a minimalist touch with simple whiskers painted on the surface to signify the cat connection. its surface/rim has two small appendages signifying cute kitty ears. On the downside, the mugs are not microwave safe and must be handwashed. Personally, I’d skip the ones with the cat head at the base of the mug. It’s cute, but a nightmare to clean.

17. Pinky Up Chloe Cat Mug

A minimalist touch and metal finish are the main draws of this cat mug. It’s simple, elegant, and looks great. Although I am a bit worried about the risk of being poked by those prominent metallic ears on top of the mug. Form over function? If you do get taken in by the cuteness of this mug, remember it’s not microwave or dishwasher safe. The ceramic mug holds 12 oz of beverage and is available in three colors.

18. Small Cute Cat Thermos

With “Cute Cat” right in its name, this product squarely targets cat lovers. The sellers present it as a thermos, and that’s technically right, I feel it is way better as a travel coffee mug.

19. Cat Glass Cup Tea Mug With Fish Tea Infuser

Your loose leaf tea needs to be brewed in style. The fish infuser is a nice touch, since it puts fish in the cat mug’s belly. Now what kitty wouldn’t enjoy that! The head on the mug is removable, and the tail forms a nice handle for the cup. 

20. Chester The Cat Cookie Jar

Made of ceramic with a glossy finish, the Chester Cookie Jar is a beautiful place for your cookies. It’s a good sized jar, measuring eight inches in height and width, so there’s plenty of room for the cookies.

Brutally Honest Truths in ‘A Sticky Note Guide to Life’

Brutally Honest Truths in ‘A Sticky Note Guide to Life’

Illustrator and author Chaz Hutton brings the truths of life and the world in these interesting illustrations — predictably done on sticky notes. Which brings me to another realization; a lot of pondering on life happens on sticky notes, perhaps second only to the truths of life that unfold in our shower thoughts. Anyways, checkout these truths of everyday life, and then head on to amazon to buy the book.

Star Wars Inspired Insect Illustrations

Star Wars Inspired Insect Illustrations

Star Wars Inspired Insect Illustrations

The list of Star Wars inspired illustrations and mashups is positively endless, though few catch your attention. At first sight, Star Wars inspired insect illustrations does not seem like something that would grab attention, but look at these excellent illustrations and you will enjoy them. Illustrator Richard Wilkinson describes the set as his way to represent the “link between the world of natural history classification and that of modern obsessions, while at the same time indulging my own love of painting these incredible forms”. The illustrations are available as prints on Richard Wilkinson’s website.

Airtrack All Set to Go Beyond Its Role At The Gymnasium

Airtrack All Set to Go Beyond Its Role At The Gymnasium

For a while now, Airtracks have been a fixture in training for gymnasts. Professional (and aspiring) gymnasts find the inflatable and low-friction airtrak quite useful, but those are also qualities that make them interesting for everyone else. If we were to provide a crude introduction, it is the trampoline’s cousin; albeit one that is better groomed and is easier to carry around.


Sequential by Antoine Dufilho

Sequential by Antoine Dufilho

Sequential by Antoine Dufilho

Sequential is a series of car sculptures by French artist Antoine Dufilho, presented at M.A.D.Gallery. The set looks at eight famous cars, and has their shape materialized into successive layers. The layering creates quite a look, and exhibits the beauty and sleek lines of these beautiful machines. While the structure itself is stationary, the skilled crafting gives them a life, making these models appear kinetic.