Beetlejuice Stakes

Just in time for Halloween, CreepyCute Horrors, an Etsy seller, has brought us back to 1988. Since its release, the Tim Burton favorite, Beetlejuice has captivated imagination and nurtured a fan following. 

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Spooktastic Halloween Spider Pumpkin Appendages

Halloween Spider Pumpkin Appendages are a great touch for this year’s Halloween decoration. It comes in a set of two sets of legs, two big round plastic eyes, and two pedipalps. Push the metal prong ends into any pumpkin, real or faux, and you will have your very own pumpkin spider.

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Spooky Goth Decor Coffin Shelf

Halloween and Dracula lovers alike come together to enjoy this one of a kind shelf. The Spooky Goth Decor Coffin Shelf is a great addition to any eclectic home. Just like in the movies, this shelf is shaped like the remembered coffin from which Count Dracula would rise during the night, and hide during the day. 

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Corona Food Mask Portraits By hej Studio

hej studio is a digital design, and content studio that focuses on food and culinary companies. And during the Covid-19 pandemic, they decided to use their “all about food and lifestyle” design studio to put together something special.

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F550 Made Into A Luxury Custom Camper

For off-grid travel lovers, the new Ford F550 Full Custom Camper is the perfect companion. The F550 is custom-built for trips into any rough terrain while keeping comfort at 100%. With compartments for nearly everything, this camper keeps everything out of sight until needed. The features make it the best vehicle for adventure lovers that live on the road.

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Adidas Terrex Agravic Tech Pro

Addidas Terrex Agravic Tech Pro Trail Running Shoes

Run… Run the trail. Live the trail. Conquer the trail. Achieve the trail. That is what all athletes do. For millions of years, humans have wanted to conquer the most grilling and challenging trails on the face of the earth.

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Building A Waffle With Blocks

Building Block Waffle Maker

Not playing with your food is so overrated! Especially, when you can make your food as interlocking building blocks that are super delicious. They aren’t Lego, but hey, these waffle interlocking blocks are the best thing since… well, waffles!

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PacMan-Inspired Ghoster Coasters

Ghoster Coasters

If you haven’t played Pac-Man as a kid, did you even have a childhood? Inspired by the famous game, Ghosters are lovely coasters that bring form and function together. It is for all the adults who want to keep a part of their childhood right on their office desk or on their coffee table at home. You can choose from the 5-piece colorful acrylic set or a classy solid hardwood option.

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