How to Plan Your Seasonal Fundraising Event

fundraising event for charity

There is nothing like the buzz that can be achieved from organising a fundraising event that is not only a success as far as attendees are concerned, but also creates a major financial gain for your chosen charity or non-profit organisation.  However, before you get to enjoy this part of the event, there is a …

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Coffee Body Scrub Benefits And Some Quick Recipes

Do you know – filtered coffee grounds can recharge your skin just as coffee recharges your day ?! There are a lot of important benefits that a weekly DIY coffee scrub can give you.

Starting from fighting stretch marks, acne, to cellulite deposits, the list of coffee body scrub’s benefits is impressive. If you are still shaky about whether you should include a weekly coffee scrub routine in your skincare regime, here are a few reasons for a new perspective.

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A Quick Look At The Most Beloved Types Of Coffee

Coffee Beans

A coffee lover knows that the skill of choosing, brewing, and then finally producing a great cup of coffee is an art. It needs a thorough knowledge of different types of coffee. Here’s our list of best-known types of coffee and variants that are absolutely adored by coffee lovers.

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Airtrack All Set to Go Beyond Its Role At The Gymnasium

For a while now, Airtracks have been a fixture in training for gymnasts. Professional (and aspiring) gymnasts find the inflatable and low-friction airtrak quite useful, but those are also qualities that make them interesting for everyone else. If we were to provide a crude introduction, it is the trampoline’s cousin; albeit one that is better groomed and is easier to carry around.

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This Shower Curtain Has Pockets For Your Phones And Tablets

Conventional wisdom would argue that this shower curtain needs to be trashed. To that wisdom I say, you need to go back to your decade. Although the product description of “Watch, play with or listen to your phone or tablet” is trying too hard, this curtain has its uses. There was a time when people put televisions in the rest room, probably still do, so this curtain isn’t as far fetched an idea.

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These Little Known Netflix Codes Will Unlock A Whole New Level To The Service

Netflix Genre Codes

Netflix has a lot of content, but the way it is structured, there’s only a few titles you can see. More often than not, subscribers run the risk of being caught in the same circle or genre of titles, unaware of the whole wide world of entertainment on the service. Well, we have a list of codes that will make browsing for new titles or even your favorite genre a whole lot easy.

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