PacMan-Inspired Ghoster Coasters

Ghoster Coasters

If you haven’t played Pac-Man as a kid, did you even have a childhood? Inspired by the famous game, Ghosters are lovely coasters that bring form and function together. It is for all the adults who want to keep a part of their childhood right on their office desk or on their coffee table at home. You can choose from the 5-piece colorful acrylic set or a classy solid hardwood option.

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Star Wars Inspired Insect Illustrations

Star Wars Insect Illustrations

The list of Star Wars inspired illustrations and mashups is positively endless, though few catch your attention. At first sight, Star Wars inspired insect illustrations does not seem like something that would grab attention, but look at these excellent illustrations and you will enjoy them.

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This Cat Suitcase Wants to be Your Pet

Checkout Fravel, the cute suitcase that would love to be your pet. The bag has a cat-like shape, accented by its ears, which respond to touch. You can pet your suitcase, and she’ll respond by moving her squishy, jelly-like ears. On the bottom of the luggage is a little heart that beats (rather, blinks) faster when you take her out for your journey.

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Boba Fett Bowler Hat

Checkout this super cool Boba Fett Bowler Hat – it would make a pretty good Boba Fett in a low cost production. Actually, scrap that low cost part. This one comes with a $595 price tag. Via technabob

Fan-Art Gives Pokemon a Human Shape

Humanoid Pokemon sounds like a great idea, though it messes with the dynamic of keeping them captive in Pokeballs. But then perhaps we’d have a different story for Pokemon. This gorgeous fan-art presents an imaginative look at Pokemon as humanoid anime characters. The set is the work of artist Shioya.

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The RC Batmobile You Will Love, At A Price You Won’t

Make note people, because when Mattel releases this RC Batmobile around fall this year, it will show up in your holiday wishlist. The RC car is based off the batmobile in the in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie. And it does a pretty good job at being true to its movie version, without being life-size loaded with actual ammunition. The $250 price tag for the Justice League Ultimate Batmobile however, does make it a RC car fit for Bruce Wayne.

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