World Cup Uniforms for Game of Thrones Houses

As the houses of Westeros war, they haven’t forgotten the importance of sports. Since the Football/Soccer world cup is the flavor of sports for the moment, it is absolutely necessary the houses and characters from Game of Thrones get uniforms to play the game.

This begs the question, that if the teams and houses represented here went for a match, who would win? My money is on the White Walkers. They might be slower than the other teams, but the opposing team would end up being a collection of blue eyed zombies five minutes into the match. It’s so one-sided, it’s unfair.

Keeping the supernatural and magical aside, my guess is House Baratheon would be favorites. No specific reason, just their uniform looks quite like that of Brazil. And I’m rooting for Brazil to win this one.

These uniform concepts are the work of fashion designer Nerea Palacios, who, as is visible from these designs, is a huge fan of Nike. The designer combined original Nike kits with house sigils from Game of Thrones. It is a work in progress, and the designer intends to add more houses soon.

Nerea Palacios on Behance, Tumblr

Via Guardian

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