It’s not Valyrian Steel, but these Game of Thrones Replica Weapons are Pretty Neat

Whether you prefer the hacking and slashing style of Westeros, or the succinct water dance of Bravos, you need a sword in your hand. Since you don’t want to slash anyone with your sword either, it is better to give up on the Valyrian steel, or steel for that matter; foam is where the action is. The latex weapon is safer, and you could put it to good use in LARPing, reenacting, and roleplaying.

These replica swords are available in two variants; Ice, the sword of Eddard Stark, and Longclaw, the sword of Jon Snow (He still knows ‘nuthing’ by the way). Both swords are made out of 100% natural latex and weigh less than five pounds each. Ice, the great sword of Ned Stark measures at 57.5 inches long, with a 12-inch guard and 11-inch grip. Longclaw is 46.5 inches long, has a 9.5 inch guard and a 9 inch grip. Ice is priced at $90, and Longclaw costs $95 to own.