Hubbub Finds a Brilliant Way to Keep London’s Streets Litter Free

Environmental charity Hubbub is running a campaign in collaboration with Commonworks to get litter off the streets of London. Their campaign has gone viral, especially the image of the cigarette voting ashtray you see at the top of this post. The creative ashtray asks people to Vote with their Butt – the cigarette butt that is, and has garnered a hell lot of attention (and votes).

Their research for the Neat Streets campaign found that most of the litter was cigarette butts, and it was generated by young men at night. Putting their research to good use, they set up the poll, which changes every week and relates to questions about sports – thus reaching out to their primary target. Needless to say, the effort has seen success.

Another part of the campaign focuses on chewing gums. This part makes use of well-placed Peppermint Pointillist displays that encourage users to place the discarded chewing gum on the board, rather than discarding it on the streets.

Overall, the Neat Streets campaign is quite an intelligent effort, and it seems to be paying off neat rewards.

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