The Pugs of Westeros

Lords and Ladies of Westeros can keep playing their little game all they want. When all is said and done, the houses will fall before their true lords, the Pugs of Westeros. It’s difficult not to swear fealty to these pugs; they look pretty good and very much comfortable with the part they play.

Phillip and Sue Lauer put their skills of photography to use by dressing up their three pugs like characters from Game of Thrones. Titled The Pugs of Westeros, the series sees the pugs dressed up in elaborate costumes and suitable backgrounds.

It isn’t just a photo-series now. Blinkbox came across the still images, and approached the photographers about making a video. Phillip and Sue agreed, and the result is Bono, Roxy, and Blue in their very own mini Game of Thrones.

Via Blinkbox, PetaPixel

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