Wear a futon to steal that quick nap at work

Trying to nap at work can be dangerous, wearing a futon so you could take a nap at work is ludicrous. Well, maybe it isn’t so bad because the Japanese apparently have a tradition called Inemuri, or sleeping on the job, which is considered perfectly acceptable. Well, if your workplace has no problem with you […]

Home Decoration Ideas: Don’t Buy This Sofa!

Getting this sofa would give your room a “unique” look, but that’s not necessarily a good thing. Photograph by Miss Lili Potkin. Via BoingBoing

These Very Appetizing Paintings Are Done With Vomit

Performance artist Millie Brown creates paintings with bright splashes of color. The bright colors, rather than go straight into the canvas first take a detour into the stomach of the artist, from where they come out as vomit onto the canvas.

For a Perfect Finish, You Have To Rub It The Right Way

I had no idea you could rub it on cars and have sparkling results. I see there’s also a scratch remover. Ridiculous photograph captured by yours truly.

Disney Princess Lingerie

It is well established that the world is a weird place. Yet, we continue to receive more proof of the wacko world every second. A company in Japan is selling Disney Princess inspired lingerie, each set priced at 3,990 yen ($38). The selection includes Belle, Cinderella, Aurora, and Rapunzel. I don’t even know what to […]

Watch This Man Light Tap Water On Fire

Water on fire? That can’t be happening, right? Apparently, it does happen in North Dakota. All it takes for tap water to rush into a fire is that a flame be near it. As with something this weird and unnatural, people are speculating all around on what could be causing the water to turn flammable, […]

Save Your Sanity and Fear This Group of Spiders Breaking Off and Running

So some dude saw this hairy black thing, and decided to touch it. Spiders. Spiders everywhere! Super creepy. Since Vines have the habit of autoplaying, and accidentally running into a bunch of creepy crawlies isn’t cool, the video is after the jump.

22 Karat Gold Toilet Paper Roll: Yes It Exists

We are not exactly sure how good gold is at wiping ass, but when we’re spending $1.3 million on a toilet paper roll, it better leave the ass clean and sparkling. The image you see here was found on the instagram of famous interior designer Kelly Wearstler. While the authenticity of the gold toilet paper […]

Carry Your Fish Along With This Portable Fishbowl Handbag. Actually, Don’t

On the surface of it, the portable fishbowl handbag idea is quite exceptional. We love our fish, why not carry them along? Designer Cassandra Verity Green crafted a handbag that makes the fishbowl portable, and make it easy for you to carry the fish along. That’s a pretty sight. Well, but then those of us […]

WTF Just Doesn’t Cut It: 24K Gold Rolling Paper

You can be ridiculous, but the tough job is being 24 karats of pure ridiculous. This 24k gold rolling paper will take care of the latter for you. This edible smoking paper is made from 24K gold so you can light up and smoke your cigarette in style. Set of 12 costs $60.

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