Decorative ‘Steampunk’ Skull Includes a Secret Compartment for Your Treasure

This decorative skull has a cool Steampunk-ish look that probably earn this guy a top spot in the zombie army, if he were undead. It is supposed to have a “secret” compartment to store tiny trinket treasures. That secret compartment happens to be a clearly visible drawer on the side of the skull, which is not so secret, but apparently saying that aloud would hurt the skull’s feelings. So we’ll leave it at that. Erasmus Darwin’s Steam Cerebrum Skull was designed in England, manufactured in China, and ships free to the United States. Price $54.

This steam powered tank is controlled by a remote

A remote controlled, fully functional steam powered tank, now that’s the stuff Steampunk fiction is made of. The steam turret tank by Ian is based on a 1/16th scale Tamiya King Tiger die-cast model tank. Supplying steam to keep the tank in action is a 3.5″ diameter marine boiler. This miniature boiler is fully functional, and includes pressure gauges, safety valves, and a ceramic burner.

The ‘Total Steampunk’ Franken Edison Light

Franken Edison Light matches up with the light bulb by Edison, takes inspiration from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, and has that Victorian Steampunk look going about it. The two Edison bulbs on the lamp are placed inside two 8-inch mouth blown globes as a salute to the old Frankenstein movies. The movies placed two separate spheres that would catch lightning and send it through to Frankenstein. While these globes aren’t going to catch lightning, they do make a statement of style towards the form of Van de Graff generators used in the movies.

Superbly Detailed Steampunk Inspired Sculptures

There was a time when Steampunk was super hot, and you could see all things Steampunk make rounds of the web. It may be past its prime for the moment, but Steampunk as art is here to stay. The sculptures here aren’t essentially Steampunk, though the influence is clear. Made by French sculptor Alain Bellino, the sculptures are often made by transforming old items into various shapes.

‘Steampunk’ Biker Grin Mask

This mask is like the scariest creeper around. Created by master Steampunk builders SkinzNhydez, the mask is handmade and hand crafted out of leather, with the touches of rivets and buckles. It is finished with acrylic paints and has a soft black cowhide lining for the innards. This one costs $204.50. It also has another sibling with a more grueling look and the same price tag.

Empire Steam Steampunk Speakers

A set of custom made speakers, the Empire “Steam” Steampunk duo is meant for those who enjoy the goodness of Steampunk, and have big money to spend for their Steampunk pleasure. Standing three feet tall, each speaker has a 1.5-inch thick granite top, and weighs in at 125 pounds. At the business end, the speakers have a high quality innards in the shape of two Vifa 1-inch silk dome sealed back tweeters, Pyle 5-inch sealed back midrange, Goldwood 15-inch heavy duty down firing woofer and Eminence 3-Way speaker crossover.

AT-SP Walker Steampunk Desk Lamp

AT-SP Walker, as its name suggests, takes inspiration from the AT-ST, gives it a good old Steampunk twist and has it ready to spread the light. All joints on the lamp are functional, and it can do a little bit of swaying, so we’re guessing it could double up as a very expensive toy too, apart from being a very expensive lamp. The lamp runs on 12V DC through a regular power jack socket. Costs $1250.