Steampunk Bow

Now that is one sexy bow that warriors will be clammering to have in their arsenal. Probably not for battle or practical “bow use”, but for the sheer style and beauty that this would bring to an enthusiast. Made from lightweight plastic and a few metal pieces, this bow kind of takes a victory for […]

Steampunk Link Costume

Costa Rica based cosplayer and costume designer Molecular Agatha does a real cool Steampunk Link cosplay in these images.

Classy Steampunk Style Coffee Maker

Simple, decent design never loses its inherent goodness and desirability. Alpha Dominche has come up with a simple, sleek and decent looking Steampunk Coffee and Tea Brewer. This one can make up to four cups of coffee simultaneously and an average of 60 to 80 cups an hour.

Steampunk DJ Mask

Now that’s a badass mask for a DJ. The Steampunk DJ Mask is the creation of Bob Basset.

Gizmo Duck Steampunk Sculpture

DeviantArt user Timbone made this amazing sculpture of the gadget filled G.I.Z.M.O Duck, who would be totally worth seeing in his Steampunk avatar captured with Victorian gadgets. Timbone sculpted this nine inch tall Gizmo Duck out of super sculpey firm, and plastic rod and tube, and finished with acrylic paint.

Steampunk Bat Blaster Nerf Gun

We could never imagine Batman using a Steampunk gun, but in the case as the comic universe is prone to do and Batman finds himself time transported to the Victorian age, he might find use of a Steampunk gun. In another life, this used to be a Triple Barrel Nerf Gun, but that was before […]

Steampunk Princess Peach

That’s the Victorian princess Peach that the Italian plumber is so busy saving. A Steampunk setting for Mario would be interesting, but clearly he doesn’t give a damn about it, being high on shrooms and stuff.

Steampunk Arm Guard Keyboard Has The Ammunition of Bluetooth

This Steampunk Arm Guard has a keyboard that lights up in the power of Bluetooth and functionality to complement its wonderful Victorian looks. The functional keyboard is accompanied by a touchpad and laser pointer to connect to devices and work its magic; all in Victorian ways of steam we’re sure.

Classy Handcrafted Vintage Industrial Lighting

We’d never have quite imagined that vintage industrial lighting could be a niche, but going by what we see it just might be, and we welcome the artistic lights with all heart. We’ve admired ReTech lamps, almost been in love with Cory Barkman’s old world lamps, and we’re quite struck by these classy handcrafted lamps […]

Steampunk Hummingbird and Frog

Advertising agency CLM BBDO made these Steampunk sculptures for Tag Heuer, showing how the mechanism is accurate to 1/100th of a second.

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