Battle of Five Armies Banner is Huge, Impressive

The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies will be out in December. While you wait for that, they have unveiled a huge, widescreen poster for you to enjoy. The image above shows a section of the poster, hit ahead or click on the image above for the larger, full, version.

Game of Thrones Propaganda Posters

The warring lords of Westeros need to recruit soldiers for their armies. Propaganda posters are a time honored and successful solution to recruitment troubles. Posters by artist Olivia Desianti.

Fictional Simpsons Movie References Get Real Posters

The Simpsons universe is littered with in-universe movie references which unfortunately never got a chance to shine in theaters of our world. Righting some of that wrong, MTV and Old Red Jalopy have created a set of posters for the “fake” movie references in the Simpsons. Going by the posters, those movies have quite the […]

Popular ’80s Movie Posters Painted in Stained Glass Style

Van Orton Design has a cool set of posters that show popular movies from the ’80s in stained glass style art.

‘Monty Python is Awesome’ Series of Prints and T-Shirts

We don’t need being told that Monty Python is awesome, the comedy genius really was all kinds of awesome. Now we can bask in the glory of the comedy genius with several of the famous quotes and references getting illustrated and making an appearance on prints and t-shirts. Titled Monty Python is Awesome the set […]

Poster Lists All Characters of the Original Star Wars Trilogy

Print by illustrator Max Dalton puts characters from Star Wars Episodes IV to VI in one 18″ x 24″ poster. Sure everyone remembers the big names, but several of these characters have long since been forgotten. The print was priced at $50 and appears to have been sold out already!

Posters List Famous Objects in Pop Culture Worlds

Artist Jeff Langevin designed these posters that take a good, hard look at major characters and objects across several geek universes. Prints available on Etsy.

Daleks Invasion Earth: 2150 Poster

Daleks Invasion Earth: 2150 poster was created by Orlando Arocena on commission from UnderTheFloorboards. Via Geek-Art

Pop Art Movie Mashup Posters

Swedish graphic designer Viktor Hertz mashed up movie posters in art for very intriguing results. It’s not a straight up mashup of popular culture characters walking into movie scenes, but slightly more complicated and takes more time to exactly figure it out.

Women of Game of Thrones in Mucha Style Posters

Posters by Elin Jonsson put female characters from Game of Thrones in Mucha style art. Elements relevant to these ladies are captured in the details of the posters, like Khal Drogo for Daenerys and Lady for Sansa. The set also includes Margaery and Brienne, prints available on Society6.

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