NASA makes beautiful travel posters for exoplanets

Travel posters are so retro, but also so very futuristic when NASA makes some of them, for exoplanets. The freshly released set includes three exoplanets, the Kepler-186f, HD 40307g, and the Kepler-16b. Of the set, Kepler-186f is remarkable because it falls within the habitable zone of its star, which is redder and cooler than our sun. Speaking of cool, the Kepler-16b is located in a binary star system, where you could see two suns in the sky at once, much like Tattooine in Star Wars. Enjoy these posters here, or if you would like one for your room, head on to the NASA website to download (much) higher resolution versions that would be totally awesome as posters.

‘Monty Python is Awesome’ Series of Prints and T-Shirts

We don’t need being told that Monty Python is awesome, the comedy genius really was all kinds of awesome. Now we can bask in the glory of the comedy genius with several of the famous quotes and references getting illustrated and making an appearance on prints and t-shirts. Titled Monty Python is Awesome the set includes custom designed hand screen-printed T-shirts and posters.