Mystery Solved: World Cup Brazil Logo is a Facepalm

All you need to do is take a good, hard look, and you realize the Soccer World Cup logo is actually a facepalming dude. It seems this matches Captain Picard, but there’s hardly a resemblance, except the facepalm of course. via

If NFL Team Logos Were Fat

Since obesity is pandemic, it would perhaps be logical that even logos succumbed to it. In this set by David Rappoccio, NFL Team Logos go fat.

Fast Food Logos Feel the Weight

Fast food has the very unflattering tag of being unhealthy, and perhaps a major reason for obesity. Playing on the idea of effects of junk food, graphic designer adelbanfeel touched up famous fast food logos with a hint of obesity. Having fought weight himself, the designer presents his own logo iterations that often represent a […]

Famous Company Logos in a Communist Regime

Stock Logos imagines what famous corporate logos would be like, had the said companies fostered under a communist regime. They do make it clear that the logos are an attempt at humor, rather than the place of these corporations or the system under a communist government.

Branding Bad: Designer Creates Logos for the Final Episodes of Breaking Bad

Designer Jeremy Loyd has created logos for each of the final eight episodes of the Breaking Bad series. Starting this half of the season with Blood Money, the logo series goes all the way to the finale Felina. The Dayton, Ohio based designer posted the logos a couple of days after the broadcast of the […]

Game of Thrones Style Sigils for NFL Teams

Game of Thrones sigils must invade every franchise and universe possible. In their latest move, the sigils have invaded NFL logos. DJroomba made illustrations that fit Game of Thrones house sigils with NFL teams, and in fact went the extra mile creating several logos for each team, so you can have the pick on what […]

Imagining Gym Logos in the Pokemon Universe

Establishments need logos, even if they happen to be the ones in the cute Pokemon universe. Artist Cassandra Downs has created a set of Logos to fit eight gyms of the Pokemon world, finding a representation for the eight fictional gyms of Kanto. The illustrated logos are available as tees and stickers at the artist’s […]

Minimalist Touch for Football (Soccer) Club Logos

This set of minimalist football (or soccer) logos is the creation of Jordan based Manara Design Studio. Considering the number of elements that show up in football club logos, there’s only so much minimalist that you can go. Hit ahead for more.

Angry Birds as Famous Brand Logos

A series by Russian graphic designer Yakushev Grigory presents Angry Birds characters in famous brand logos. It has been a while since we saw anything Angry Birds here, so this is quite a welcome set.

If Corporate Mascots Started Being Truthful

In no world would corporate logos and mascots be absolutely truthful, but one can dream. With a view towards more accurate representation, Cracked readers made these logos for their “photoplasty” contest.

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