Dog Portraits Show Style and Character

Photographer Elke Vogelsang is quite a pro in capturing canines with the lens. We love our dogs, and the photographer creates captivating images that make these beautiful creatures look all the more better. When not photographing for clients, Elke turns her wide angled lens towards her own dogs, who it seems are glad of the […]

Crochet Unicorn Mask For Dogs

They may not fart rainbows, but dogs are still way better companions than unicorns. The mask is the creation of Flickr user roko20.

Small Dogs Cosplay Sailor Moon Characters

People cosplay Sailor Moon characters all the time, but cute little dogs? Well, that’s a brand new thing. Mayama_ya on Instagram makes Sailor Moon outfits for small dogs and sees them cosplay in their custom clothing.

Dogs Wear Soccer Uniforms for Their Countries

Dogs get some patriotic fervor for soccer in this photo series. In the series Soccer Nation Dogs, stock photography website Life on White dressed dogs in the color of their nation. German Shepherd, French Bulldog, Siberian Husky, all don the colors of their named lands to cheer for soccer.

Bulldog iPhone Speakers

If the iPhone’s going to bark, it is going to do it in style through a glasses wearing hipster bulldog. That is what the AeroBull does, it is a sweet speaker forged into the shape of a glass wearing bull dog that hums the tunes from your iPhone.

Characters From Downton Abbey Painted as Cats and Dogs

Characters from the TV Show Downton Abbey have found a new home in Houndton Abbey. The series by Massachusetts-based artist and illustrator Toadbriar presents characters from the famous TV Show as cats and dogs. Paintings for the series have been done with archival materials that are supposed to last for 200 years in indoor lighting […]

Video Compilation of Dogs Scared of Walking Past Cats

A video compilation showing dogs too scared to cross paths with cats. via

Wet Dog Portraits

An adorable and hilarious set of photographs of dogs caught mid bath. As photographer Sophie Gamand puts it, “Wet Dog is a series on dogs being washed during their grooming sessions. The way the water plays with their hair in a very painterly manner, and their facial expressions as the water is poured on them […]

Birds With Dog Faces

Ordinarily, if we saw some bird with the face of a dog, we would run like there is no tomorrow. We would still recommend doing that, even if they look as adorable as they do in these image manipulations.

Things You Say To Dogs That’d Be Creepy If You Said To People

Funny video that shows the things you say to dogs, and how creepy the same things would be if said to people.

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