Marutaro the Hedgehog is Brimming With the Power of Cute

Marutaro is the adorable pygmy hedgehog brimming with style and swag. Just see this guy, he looks like a winner and he knows it.

Good Old 16th Century, And Its Love For Rocket Powered Warrior Cats

The 16th century was seeing warfare get revolutionized. Gunpowder had shown up on the scene and changed warfare from the way humans had been accustomed to fighting forever. With every drastic change, come new strategies, and a good number of them are likely to be wacky; like these illustrations from a 1530 war manual that […]

Python and Crocodile Battle for Five Hours, Victor Devours Loser

Ever wondered what a fight between a python and crocodile would look like? Well wonder no more, the video here shows the results of a five-hour battle between a snake and a crocodile. The python emerged victorious and made a nice, fat meal of the vanquished crocodile. The incident was captured by Tiffany Corlis at […]

Animal Portraits in Black and White

Beautiful black & white portraits of animals by Lukas Holas.

Hamster Looks Cute in Tiny Sweater

He’ll need to suit up! via

Photographs of Unborn Animals in the Womb

Photographer and producer Peter Chinn has a rather intriguing series of images of unborn animals in the womb. Dimensional ultrasound scans, tiny cameras and computer graphics were used to create a likeness of what these animals might look like as fetuses. The result is quite stunning. The images were created for the National Geographic documentary […]

Animals Illustrated With a Touch of Human Personalities

Animals are human, well, they’re not but if you put them in clothes and have good finishing touches, they might as well be. Illustrations by artist Kim Nguyen put animals in human clothing, with expressions and style similar to humans.

Watch This Kitty Pull Off Moves on the Skateboard

This kitty has it all sorted out. On skateboards at least. Watch Didga the cat do tricks on a remote controlled skateboard with finesse and skill.

Video Catches a Fish Hunting Birds For The First Time Ever

Plenty of documentation exists for birds hunting for fish. It’s not even news. But fish jumping out of water to hunt birds? Well, that’s almost a fabled tale and one not so readily believed. Now we have a first confirmed record of a fish hunting for birds. The video above shows an African Tigerfish catching […]

Leather Battle Armor Suit For Cats

The battle lines are drawn, the kitty needs to wear armor. Your cat probably won’t love you any more for getting it armor, but then again it won’t detest you any more either. So you could cover you cat in leather armor without worrying much.

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