Devilishly Evil Lego Prank [video]

) So this man spent his entire day putting together the new 1200-piece LEGO Millennium Falcon. Unbeknownst to this man, his friends had been possessed by the devil, and they pulled a most excruciating prank on him once he was done building the falcon. Via GAS

Mind-blowing Pool Trickshots [video]

You can hit some trickshots in pool? That’s cute. -This guy Watch the video to see Florian Kohler hit some stunning, and quite unbelievable trick shots on a pool table.

First Kiss

Filmmaker Tatia Pilieva asked 20 people to kiss, and recorded these people, strangers to each other, kissing for the first time.

Honest Trailer for Disney’s Frozen

) Well of course it is here, the honest trailer for Frozen.

Game of Thrones Season 4 [trailer #3]

A brand new trailer for the upcoming season of Game of Thrones. This one is titled Secrets. The season premieres on April 6, at 9 PM on HBO.

Infinity Augmented Reality Concept Shows What You Can Get From Google Glass

Putting a Google Glass-like concept with augmented reality, Infinity decided to create this little video showing all the possibilities. It starts out well enough, showing all the good things. Then, the video goes to the creepy side with Facebook stalking, reading countenance, and well, quite a few privacy concerns. But the dude scores with the […]

Captain America: The Winter Soldier [preview]

A four minute long official preview/trailer for the upcoming Captain America movie.

Transformers 4 [trailer #1]

Transformers 4 Age of Extinction, first trailer. The movie will be in theaters on June 27. As humanity picks up the pieces, following the conclusion of “Transformers: Dark of the Moon”, Autobots and Decepticons have all but vanished from the face of the planet. However, a group of powerful, ingenious businessman and scientists attempt to […]

Python and Crocodile Battle for Five Hours, Victor Devours Loser

Ever wondered what a fight between a python and crocodile would look like? Well wonder no more, the video here shows the results of a five-hour battle between a snake and a crocodile. The python emerged victorious and made a nice, fat meal of the vanquished crocodile. The incident was captured by Tiffany Corlis at […]

Gate to Hell Opens in Norway [video]

You could call it gate to hell, or Sauron opening his eye. But we can discuss nomenclature later, the appropriate thing to do at the moment would be to run. The video shows a 132 kV power line with the current arcing over to nearby trees and down to the ground. After a long period […]