Excavators Play Jenga With 600 Pound Blocks

Go big or go home. Since it isn’t in the nature of excavators to handle tiny things, they go big. Like playing Jenga with 600 pound blocks big. Five different pieces of equipment get into the game to remove the gigantic wood blocks. We got to say, it does look like fun. The video is […]

Awesome Flipbook Animations Made From Recycled Bike Parts

Flipbooks by artist Juan Fontanive are incredible, not only are the animations beautiful, but the underlying mechanism is pretty darn sweet. The artist makes these mechanisms by recycling and repurposing parts from old bicycles and clocks. Then comes along the process of hand drawing, painting, and screen printing the images. Several of these display birds […]

Firemen Make Hovercraft With Hoses [video]

It’s so meta. Firemen, water hose, and a hovercraft.

Children Getting Confused by Walkmans [video]

Once upon a time, the Walkman was the cool music device that everybody wanted, and carried with them. Now they are technological dinosaurs with people having no idea what they were good for. We haven’t seen a walkman in years, and most of the kids, have not seen one ever. To think, it has been […]

The World’s Toughest Job, and Billions Who Do It [video]

Candidates get interviewed for a job position advertised over the internet and newspapers. Twenty four candidates who applied for the “world’s toughest job” realized in the interview that they would be working 365 days a year, non stop, and without rests, breaks, or vacation. All for no pay. None of the applicants really wanted the […]

Even Game of Thrones Characters Have a Tough Time Keeping Track of Game of Thrones Characters

You have probably noticed there are a hell lot of characters to keep track of in Game of Thrones. Probably way more than the monkeysphere would allow a regular human to keep track of.

A Tour of the British Isles in Accents [video]

The video points out locations of different accents in the British Isles. It is a short video, but is quite a tour of the numerous accents you would find on that relatively small geographic area.

English Is Crazy

Damn English, you cray cray. The video takes a look at several written words and their pronunciation, showing how spoken English can be oh so different than written words.

A Girl Named Elastika

One thing I can tell you about Elastika, that girl is resourceful. Also, she has brought office supplies to their most useful ever since they were invented. The stop motion animation is the work of French filmmaker Guillaume Blanchet. via

Game of Thrones Honest Trailer

The honest trailer for Game of Thrones you’ve always wanted. Plus it’s a good recap for the previous three seasons, right before you jump to season 4.