Normal Alarm Clocks Not Working For You? This One Will Shock You

For most of us, the work of the alarm clock is to ring, go to snooze, get switched off or just be ignored. While that works fantastically for the sleepy mind, it’s not so great for waking up on time. While most people would shrug it off and try to be on time the next […]

Heavy Metal Clocks

Throwing around a little weight can have its own uses. Heavy metal clocks have an air of simple, brute beauty about them. They are made from salvaged metal brought from yards south of Downtown Los Angeles. Created by Stephen J. Payne, the project is currently seeking backers/pre-orders on Kickstarter.

King Arthur and His Knights Gather At The Fabled Roundtable To Tell Time

Excalibur Table Ronde watch by Roger Dubuis relives the legend of King Arthur and his knights on a round table. Only this time, the round table happens to be the face of a watch. The dial of the watch has an appearance similar to the Winchester Round Table. Twelve knights with their swords lifted towards […]

MB&F Shows the Horological Machine No. 5

Maximilian Büsser & Friends “MB&F” have come up with a brand new watch, the automobile inspired Horological Machine No.5. The timepiece seeks to mimic the look of the retro-styled automobiles, with its facing resembling the dials of cars, and the general shape itself following the automobile, accentuated by an exhaust at the rear of the […]

DeLorean DNA Watch

Romain Jerome and DelLorean automobiles have come together to produce a watch that matches up with the style and spunk of the time travelling car. DeLorean-DNA attempts to stay as close as possible to the car’s aesthetics. Brushed stainless steel gives it a bit likeliness to the color of the famous car, while extensive use […]

Seiko Puts Star Wars Characters on a Watch, Takes The Price to The Stars

Seiko is coming up with limited edition Star Wars watches that put famous characters like Droids, Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Yoda and a Storm Trooper at the back of Seiko timepieces, with a tad of their personalities all over the watches. Now we’d expect a limited edition watch to be slightly expensive than its peers, […]

Nuclear Wristwatch Can Go On For 25 Years

Nuclear power is soon coming to your hands, or more specifically, your wrists. The nuclear watch houses a tiny nuclear reactor powered by ~100 quadrillion radioactive hydrogen atoms. It’s been declared safe by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, so we guess it’s okay to use it.

Watch for Those Never on Time

Made especially for the wonderful people who tend to be late to well, everything, this watch simply does away with all the numbers, sending them away to a silent corner. To stay true to the feeling, the watch does incorporate the words “Whatever, I’m late Anyway.” Available here, and on Amazon.

Concept Imagines an Apple iwatch

We guess the iPod Nano did a pretty good job of settling in as a watch, but that doesn’t stop some people from hoping that Apple would come out with a full fledged watch one day. These renderings by Swedish designer Anders Kjellberg imagine what an iWatch might look like. The concept claims FaceTime capabilities, […]

Um Guys… I Think the New Alarm Clock is Overkill

Most of us have trouble waking up with the alarm clock, and there have been quite a few variations to scare us shitless in the morning just so we wakeup on time. None of those however, would come close to the sheer overkill that is this concept creation by Tazu Rous.