King Arthur and His Knights Gather At The Fabled Roundtable To Tell Time

Excalibur Table Ronde watch by Roger Dubuis relives the legend of King Arthur and his knights on a round table. Only this time, the round table happens to be the face of a watch. The dial of the watch has an appearance similar to the Winchester Round Table. Twelve knights with their swords lifted towards the center of the table complete the look of the table, and the functional aspect of the watch. The gold figurines are captured in a 45 mm gold case with beveled edges. It has an 18 karat rose gold buckle that holds on to a crocodile leather strap.

DeLorean DNA Watch

Romain Jerome and DelLorean automobiles have come together to produce a watch that matches up with the style and spunk of the time travelling car. DeLorean-DNA attempts to stay as close as possible to the car’s aesthetics. Brushed stainless steel gives it a bit likeliness to the color of the famous car, while extensive use of same materials as used in the original bodywork of DeLorean cars adds another dimension of similarity.

Seiko Puts Star Wars Characters on a Watch, Takes The Price to The Stars

Seiko is coming up with limited edition Star Wars watches that put famous characters like Droids, Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Yoda and a Storm Trooper at the back of Seiko timepieces, with a tad of their personalities all over the watches. Now we’d expect a limited edition watch to be slightly expensive than its peers, but this one goes straight through the roof. At the time of writing, the watch is priced at $1300 for pre-orders on Amazon Japan. Of course, not all watches are priced the same, but the $1300 range is a pretty good idea of the price these timepieces demand.

Concept Imagines an Apple iwatch

We guess the iPod Nano did a pretty good job of settling in as a watch, but that doesn’t stop some people from hoping that Apple would come out with a full fledged watch one day. These renderings by Swedish designer Anders Kjellberg imagine what an iWatch might look like. The concept claims FaceTime capabilities, Bluetooth, WiFi, iTunes, Google Maps and other apps.

You’re Lucky You Can See the Ninja Watch

Everybody knows Ninjas exist, but you can’t really see them unless they want you to. Stealth is the way of the ninja, even when they appear in a form so benign as a watch. Ninja Time Watch by Andy Kurovets shows the time stealthily, mimicking the face of a ninja with only the eyes visible. Eyes of the ninja function as dials of the clock, separately showing the hours and the minutes.