Cat and Mouse Automaton Clock

Parmigiani is playing the age old cat and mouse game with this clock. The cat is trying its best to get hold of the mouse, and the presumably clever mouse is running for its life. Sadly for the cat, there is no catching this mouse. The cat moves in a one hour circuit, while the […]

Dragon Ball Z Limited Edition Watch

Taking time towards the new film Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Imperial Enterprises has come up with a new, Dragon Ball Z themed limited edition watch. Face of the watch shows the four-star dragon ball from the series, and can displays 24-hour time, fractions of seconds, and a calendar, and has a stopwatch function.

If You Can Afford a Ferrari, You Probably Can’t Afford a Ferrari Watch

You need to have deep pockets if you want to own a Ferrari, but you got to have deeper pockets to afford this Ferrari watch. It’s not entirely an exclusive set, but for a lot of people who could afford a supercar with the prancing horse marque, the $300,000 Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari watch is probably […]

Wrist Straps For Pocket Watches

Pocket watches are cool, but sometimes people prefer to have watches around their wrists than their pockets. These nifty straps get around the issue, giving pocket watches straps, creating an overall retro modern view that is quite neat and nifty. Via ProductPage, BoingBoing

TokyoFlash Watch Concept Tells Time As a Rorschach Test

A new concept for a TokyoFlash watch, the Rorschach 2 concept looks at an e-paper watch that would tell time in the puzzle-style of TokyoFlash and somehow manage to do that in the randomness of a Rorschach test. The symmetrical ink-blot display hides the hours on the upper right side of the watch, while the […]

Star Wars Collectors Watches

UK based designers Zeon have joined forces with Star Wars to come up with a collection of five timepieces for the famous franchise. The watches include Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, R2-D2, Stormtrooper and Boba Fett, all made with a clean interface and very clear design references. All timepieces are licensed and will come packaged in […]

Brand New Apple iWatch Concept

The world is rife with rumors about an upcoming Apple iWatch, which has seemed eminent to many ever since the nano showed off its use as a watch.

Analog Clocks Come Together To Make This One Awesome Digital Clock [video]

Design studio Humans Since 1982 brought analog and digital into the same category with a very interesting style and fashion. An installation by the studio features a set of 288 analog clocks. Although, rather than show time, all these clocks work together to create one massive digital clock that displays time.

Circuit Wall Clock

Taking the scenic route of minimalist beauty, the circuit wall clock by designer Stevan Djurovic looks simply like a circular hollow disk. The magic of time telling in the clock comes through two subtle beams of light that rotate around the clock, one on the inside and the other on the outside. The outside LED […]

Alarm Clock Wakes People Up With Vibrating, Orgasmic Pleasure

We’ve seen alarm clocks that shout, scream, shock and even throw a person out of bed, but this one approaches the idea from a novel direction, that of orgasmic pleasure. Made especially for women, the Wake-up Vibe is an alarm clock made of smooth silicone and hypoallergenic material. When the time comes to ring the […]

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