Stylish, Astronomy-inspired Watch Concept

Design student Shea Draney spent a good amount of time coming up with this concept watch. Taking some inspiration from space and astronomy, the designer worked the visualization to suit his ideas. The face of the watch is intended to represent a black hole, while the number rings represent an entirely different idea from astronomy in the shape of orbits.

Androidly Smartwatch Lets You Run Apps From Google Play

Getting on with the business of smartwatches, and among rumors that smartwatches are the next big thing to come through several tech giants. Androidly, follows the line of smartwatches, carrying a 320×240 pixel display and the ability to run several apps from the Play store. That allows users access to some of the most popular apps like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and Angry Birds.

Apollo 11 Steel, Moondust Make New Romain Jerome Watch

If you’re rich enough, you can buy all the luxuries and expensive materials that can be on offer. Even so, it is not often that one gets to have an audience with something that represents a milestone in human achievement. What I’m talking of here, is steel taken from the Apollo 11 spacecraft, the first ever successful manned flight to moon.

Cat and Mouse Automaton Clock

Parmigiani is playing the age old cat and mouse game with this clock. The cat is trying its best to get hold of the mouse, and the presumably clever mouse is running for its life. Sadly for the cat, there is no catching this mouse. The cat moves in a one hour circuit, while the mouse continuously runs away from it. Should the cat and mouse end up in the same position, the mouse leaps away to escape the clutches of the cat.

If You Can Afford a Ferrari, You Probably Can’t Afford a Ferrari Watch

You need to have deep pockets if you want to own a Ferrari, but you got to have deeper pockets to afford this Ferrari watch. It’s not entirely an exclusive set, but for a lot of people who could afford a supercar with the prancing horse marque, the $300,000 Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari watch is probably out of the price range.

TokyoFlash Watch Concept Tells Time As a Rorschach Test

A new concept for a TokyoFlash watch, the Rorschach 2 concept looks at an e-paper watch that would tell time in the puzzle-style of TokyoFlash and somehow manage to do that in the randomness of a Rorschach test. The symmetrical ink-blot display hides the hours on the upper right side of the watch, while the minutes are displayed on the lower left. Overall, a very fascinating effect.