You’re Lucky You Can See the Ninja Watch

Everybody knows Ninjas exist, but you can’t really see them unless they want you to. Stealth is the way of the ninja, even when they appear in a form so benign as a watch. Ninja Time Watch by Andy Kurovets shows the time stealthily, mimicking the face of a ninja with only the eyes visible. […]

Time Warp Clock Melts Time, Could Call Upon Wormholes

Clearly inspired by Dali’s paintings, the melting time warp shelf clock gives a new touch to time keeping. Although given its appearance, we refuse to believe that the clock simply means to show time. We suspect ulterior motives, wormholes, magic, armageddon, and a whole lot more conspiracy theories. costs $12. Via ProductPage

Watch Clock

It’s a watch, it’s a clock, and it’s a paradox because it sure as f*ck ain’t superman. Giant watches on the wall does sound kind of a good idea. Via ProductPage, Design-Milk

Get Amazed by Osaka’s Water Clock [video]

The giant clock at Osaka Station City is quite a looker. It works much like a digital dot-matrix clock, but it is also a fountain that works its displays with water. Lovely to watch in action. Via IT

Numero 1 Watch

Spanish designer Oriol Llahona has come up with an interesting design in shape of the Numero 1 watch. Circumventing convention, width of the watch’s tiny snakeskin band is quite small as compared to very dominant and wide face. By way of comfort, tt might be a pain to deal with this watch but as far […]

Petal Concept Watch for the Ladies

Luna Concept watch appears to be quite a simple watch as compared to the traditional offerings from Tokyoflash. An entry into the design contest, the watch has been designed primarily for women. Australian designer Nigel designed the watch to be quirky, functional and something that would find appeal in young women. Time is displayed by […]

Clocks Made From Bicycle Chains

Chain Clocks are somewhat complex, but mostly intriguing timepieces with a very simple display. Numbers are displayed along the length of a chain that moves around with gears, creating an interesting visual experience. The idea was to make a timepiece that was simple, yet complex enough to attract interest.

And What Time is it Now?

You better be on time, or this grandfather clock is not going to be pleased. Made by StraightLineDesigns.

Google Brings Out Watches

Google worked with Modify Watches to come up with a range of timepieces that their fans would adore. The watches all have simple looks and you could choose between three designs; Chrome, Android or a regular Google watch. The rather simplistically designed analog watches have interchangeable color bands. Priced at $60. Via Ubergizmo

Good Morning Clock Wakes you up the Classy Way

Rather than waking you up with monotonous, irritating sounds, the Good Morning Clock greets you with the voice of Stephen Fry. Not just weird sounds, but classy greetings to wake you up. It has up to 120 sounds, each with phrases like “The world has been very anxious to hear from you for the last […]